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What might go wrong when suffering from a bad sleep schedule

What might go wrong when suffering from a bad sleep schedule

Apparently, the Covid-19 pandemic has literally overturned the globe. The frequently forced lockdowns in cities, quarantine lifestyle, diminishing financial markets, issues of rising unemployment, limits for socializing, preventing access to major hang out locations etc., has caused a lot of mental stress and damage as none of us saw this coming. We were not prepared to face such a big pandemic, and the way it affected our mental health was intense. The piece intends to discuss some of the techniques you could adopt in order to relieve stress and sleep peacefully.

Stick on to a Schedule

What might go wrong when suffering from a bad sleep schedule

Following a schedule at this time is going to be really difficult. Stick on to the 21/90 habit rule for successfully making this schedule a habit. Choose a comfortable time, and follow it regularly. Our body and mind need this sleep, and you will automatically adjust to your sleeping habits when you follow this regular schedule for a while.

Never let anything come in your way, and adjust the other activities accordingly, so that you won’t have to compromise your sleeping schedule for something else. Sticking to the same schedule should be your top priority, and you must be ready to adjust and
give up other practices.

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Try observing your day to day activities for a while and fix the sleeping schedule on the basis of that. By adopting this technique, there are very few chances that you will have to give up your sleep for some other activity.

Strictly avoid Alcohol and even Caffeine during night-time

What might go wrong when suffering from a bad sleep schedule

Do you have the habit of taking alcohol regularly or occasionally during nighttime? It can be a major reason that will hamper your sleep schedule and affect the brain. Alcohol intake will further add to the unwanted mental stress and anxiety. Even though it gives. A temporary relief, the damage to mental health will be permanent.
Caffeine, on the other hand, is a known ingredient that will kill sleep. It is true that when you have to work overnight, and somebody recommends you a cup of coffee, it’ll boost the flow of blood and energize the brain, which is already tired enough. It’ll create more problems the next day, like severe headaches and nausea, which will add to the mental stress. So it is recommended that you better avoid the consumption of alcohol and caffeine during this phase to have a good night sleep.

Avoid all the things that cause stress during night time

Stressful things? It could be anything. It could be watching a horror movie at night or an extremely thrilling one. It could be strong as an argument or fight with your family members, which will create more tension and stress. Other things that may contribute to this would be your work life; It doesn’t matter if it is active, suspended or dead; the state of not earning a penny will create major stress, especially during the nighttime.
Even the things you do for stress relief may create more stress, so watch out for it. When you decide to play an online game instead in order to relieve stress, you may end up taking a wrong turn when you lose or may put up a bad performance. It’ll contribute to sleep killing stress. If you decide to paint or work on something else, again, putting up a bad show will create more hurt. So it is advised to get rid of all the things that will add to the mental stress during night time. Above all, do the things you love and be ready to accept it, whatever happens.

Exercise regularly

Just like following a sleep schedule, make a diet chart and start following a workout or simple exercise schedule to get a great sleep. It is no rocket science as the physical efforts involved during the exercises will eventually make your body tired and weak for a while, and it will gradually push you to sleep in no time.
Furthermore, it’ll benefit you by improving your physique, fitness, stamina, agility etc., which will make you strong from the outside, and good night sleep will make you mentally strong and stress-free.
Once again, follow the 21/90 rule if you are finding it difficult to cope up with the stress and are too lazy to exercise for a fixed time.

More relaxing activities during night time

To have a pleasant and peaceful sleep, you can try some easy and comfortable techniques like doing the activities which you love and will keep you relaxed for a while.
It’ll include watching your favorite movies or any comedy movie or show, watching cartoons, your favorite sport, trying your hands on some simple and basic mobile games, calling a friend or having a conference call with your buddies, reaching out to old friends and special ones, close relatives, cooking something you live, spending time with kids etc.
These activities will relax your mind and will make you energetic from the inside. It will also provide you with great and long sleep, especially when you are happy.
Throw away the logic and fears for some time and try to be yourself. Explore everything you want to and don’t in your own way.

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