Corporate Review

 We do not tell business stories; we share real business experiences.

We all have heard it somewhere- at business conferences, forums, events, sessions at colleges and universities, and even in the conferences – a successful journey of creating and running a business. Everyone is selling an unrealistic reality of business – determined people putting everything into their ideas, spending sleepless nights, knocking doors of every business opportunity, until they arrive at the landmark of fame and fortune. Advised as the blueprint for entrepreneurial aspiration, these stories are taken as the singular way to find wealth and happiness as an entrepreneur. It pushes them to perform unreasonably good, so good that their little achievements only bring embarrassment to themselves for not becoming the next big thing in the entrepreneurial world.

This is not the true phenomenon of entrepreneurship.

An entrepreneur’s story who is happily running a modest business and shouldering the responsibility of his/her people while doing good for the community also deserved to be told, his achievements deserve to be celebrated.

And we are here to tell the world those stories. The business stories of struggles and success, an in-depth overview which goes beyond the mundane business tales.

We want to celebrate business by connecting the dots from every corner of the corporate world- from Entrepreneurs, Founders, CxOs, VCs, startups and aspiring entrepreneurs on our digital platform to connect and share ideas, thoughts, and vision. We want to be the voice of the change-makers through our stories of entrepreneurs and changemakers, business events & seminars, corporate videos, and resourceful pieces on whole nine-yards of the corporate world.

We are proud to stand uniquely and transparent in our voice, concept, and approach.

Let’s pen down your corporate endeavour, digitally.