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Guidelines For Guest Article Submission

Corporate Review

Dear Contributor,       

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Corporate Review Magazine.

A welcome note:

Your article(s) will be read by extremely busy top-level business leaders, founders, entrepreneurs, visionaries and C-suite people who want to know something fresh and insightful rather than spending their valuable time for another writing plain watery piece.

Stand different and be original with your writing!

You might feel upset, but we don’t accept:

  • Previously published content, please submit your original work
  • Posts that do not provide any useful and meaningful insights
  • Promotional posts for your company or organization (unless sponsored)
  • Offensive or inaccurate posts

Know your Audience

85% of our readers are top-level business leaders, founders, entrepreneurs, visionaries and C-suite people and the remaining ones include marketing professionals. Give them a reason to read your articles!

Topics to choose from

Business, technology, stock markets, economy, education, health, travel, personal finance, human behaviors and lifestyle. We also welcome opinions on public policy, politics, arts, and culture.

Our Requirement

You are already our list of favorites if, your writing is 100 % original, well-researched and have in-depth and actionable insights! But here are a few things to keep in mind

·         Only original (100%), unpublished work exclusive for Corporate Review will be accepted

  • Be 800 – 1,800 words in length
  • We respect everyone’s work & efforts. Do not steal someone’s efforts (images, writing, videos). In case we find out any plagiarism- we will remove your blog posts. It will be the goodbye from us.
  • Be right with the basics- the format of an article, structure. It should be well-illustrated with headings, sub-headings, quotes.
  • Relevant & Insightful – no same-old content. Never serve a half-cooked dish. Your article should always have a conclusion or takeaways.
  • Be apt with your grammar: no typos or grammatical errors.
  • Link your reliable sources to prove your points. All sources must be accounted and hyperlinked – this includes images, videos, data and others
  • Observe the copyrights/permissions for use/sources regarding the images. Never include any stock photos unless you have paid for them. We are neither looking for hefty lawsuits or to hire a lawyer!
  • Infographics, diagrams, images, videos and charts are extra toppings to your article. Don’t forget to add some.
  • Highlights are good, try them.
  • Include all images as separate attachments with citations
  • We need the world to know you! Always include a short bio (60-70 words maximum), your picture and your social media handles (LinkedIn & Twitter). You are a brand too!

Our rights

  • We reserve the right to reject/disapprove contributions based on our policy and quality standards.
  • We hold the right to edit, adapt, update, and republish contributions based on our editorial policies, and update it in the future for accuracy and comprehensiveness.
  • Guest contributors may not republish their published contribution to the Corporate Review website in its totality, anywhere else.
  • By submitting a post to Corporate Review, you give us the copyright ownership of the post so that we can deal with any DMCA related issues

After your article submission

  • We need a little time to review your article, hence we personally don’t like replying withing minutes or hours, sometimes. We are not ignoring; we are evaluating! You’re still special to us.
  • In case we like your article, we will knock your digital door. After publishing on our website, we will share your contributions on our social media page with a shoutout.
  • In case there is a room for improvement, we will share our suggestions with you and we can work on it together. The limit of reviewing article is three times
  • If third time it fails, we need to separate our ways!

We look forward to receiving your work. Drop us your work at