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Top 16 Fastest-Growing Jobs in India

Top 16 Fastest-Growing Jobs in India

Today, every youngster is in search of the best career options. It’s common to face a dilemma in making a choice that will directly impact your future. That’s why everyone wants to opt for the best one. Here’s a list of the top 16 fastest-growing jobs in India; perhaps you may find a suitable one for yourself.

Chief Legal Officer

Top 16 Fastest-Growing Jobs in India

Chief Legal Officer is often a publicly-traded company’s most powerful legal executive. CLO is an expert who helps the company to minimize legal risk. He is overseen by the CEO. For this one should have an existing career in law. Every company required CLO to settle out legal risks. It’s a great career option for students. The salary of CLO is quite high. Its average salary is 30 lakh per annum in India.

Media Buyer

Top 16 Fastest-Growing Jobs in India

One of the fastest-growing jobs, a Media buyer negotiates the price of and purchase television and radio air time and advertising space within newspapers magazines and other print publications.

Media buyer requires to have many skills like confidence, working well under pressure, good management, communication skills, decisiveness and many more. It is a job of responsibility including developing effective strategies, crafting effective campaigns, participating in media planning, negotiating ad space.

The average salary of a media buyer in New Delhi is 5 lakhs.

Business Manager

Reports and Research

A business manager is an amazing career option to grab right now.

Business managers are experienced leaders who are primarily responsible for the administration and financial control of an organization.

The requirement of skills in business manager depends on the type of business. However, its major task and duties include preparing the administration of budgets, cash flow, account payment, financial planning, advising leaders and stakeholders on various matters. They come under top management of the business and are directly held responsible for the activities of the business and their impact on society. One of the fastest-growing jobs, the position calls for high intelligence and an analytical mind.

In India, the national average salary of a business manager is about 10 lakhs.

Business Development Representative

Top 16 Fastest-Growing Jobs in India

BDR or Business development representative is a sales rep who focuses on generating qualified prospects using cold email, cold calling, social selling and networking. It is the first point of contact for potential customers.

The career path for a BDR offers rapid advancement. They push one into senior sales roles, management and in some cases marketing also. The company usually promotes a newcomer in 12 to 18 months.

Market and industry knowledge are basic requirements for this job. One needs to understand the challenges in the market. You should be an active listener, have persistence, creativity and adaptability to become a business development representative.

Its average salary is rupees 5 lakh per year in India.

Wellness Specialist

Top 16 Fastest-Growing Jobs in India

Health and fitness trend is covering a large number of Indians now. This gives a call for Wellness Specialist. A Wellness s Specialist is responsible for guiding clients in achieving their wellness and healthy lifestyles by organizing various programs.

One is required to have at least a bachelor’s degree in health education. Have good communication skills. Able to multi-task and willing to work with people with different backgrounds. Wellness specialist is required to provide knowledge on diet exercise and health tips to its client regularly and keep them updated. He or she has to guide the client to achieve his/her goal of fitness.

The national average salary of a wellness specialist is about 6 lakh per annum.

Molecular Biologist

Top 16 Fastest-Growing Jobs in India

 A molecular biologist examines human genetics animals and plants. A career as a molecular biologist involves conducting studies and experiments in the laboratory. They are required to maintain accurate laboratory producers for sequencing cloning and extraction of DNA and RNA, preparing manuscripts reports and presentations. One should have knowledge of cell culture and lab equipment molecular biology genes expression to be a molecular biologist. The average salary of this profession is about 3 lakh per annum.

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Financial Planner

Financial planner deals with the question of how to make money from money.

The work of a financial planner is to advise stakeholders and directors to invest in certain projects under calculated risk. Their job is highly responsible because they deal with a large amount of money. They were required to initialize every pons and cons of the project and then predict the probability of success and failure of the opportunity concerned. 

 They are usually known for their high salary which is about 10 to 12 lakh per annum.

Recruitment Associate

A recruitment associate is a person who helps the recruitment manager in doing the day-to-day recruitment function having certain limitations

Their main work is to identify candidates and sourcing channels for all profiles, monitor all interviews assist in the recruitment of candidates and ensure the highest quality of candidates and many others. They have to recruit the fresh and active talent applied for the job

Their salary ranges between 1 lakh to 6 lakh per annum.

Event Managers

Event managers are responsible for planning, promoting and ensuring the smooth running of the event as scheduled.

Their main responsibilities are to manage employees working on events, carrying out administrative duties, setting clear objectives, being held responsible for every activity related to the event, gathering feedback. In this job what you will need is just experience. The more you experience, the better your workings be. You must know about the event you are organizing, have good management skills and leadership qualities.

The average salary is about 4 lakhs for the event.


In today’s world where good eating habits are demolishing and the health of individuals is degrading day by day the role of dietitians become more important. 

Their job is to provide training and guidance for juniors, educate professionals on nutrition and diet, write detailed case notes and reports, maintain accurate records of assessment, monitoring patient progress. One should have excellent organizational skills and the ability to cope well under pressure, a willingness to remain current on youth development, passionate nature to become a dietician.

Machine Learning Engineer 

Machine learning engineer is one of the highly demanded jobs. Nowadays as we are moving towards the area of artificial intelligence.

Machine learning engineers are required to make and design self-learning systems that can run without human interruption and skills required to have knowledge about artificial intelligence robotics etc. Their salary is different from their degree level.

Data Scientists

Leading the recruitment industry, this job is considered as one of the fastest-growing jobs not only in India but around the world. Data science specialists are also known as data scientists. In this world of digitalization and the internet, where heaps of data are created every day then handling this bulk of data is a typical task. This task is done by computer science engineers that hold specialization in data science.

The work of a data science specialist is to analyze, synchronized and structure the generated data and find the gist, result and conclusion from those chunks of data.

Strategy Associate

A strategy associate is considered to be a job of mind. A strategy associate is a person who analyzes whole information problems and circumstances and then makes the appropriate plans and strategies to implement the work Strategy associates work is to divide the task within its colleagues and tell them the efficient way of doing this. His job also involves taking a firm and proper decision if any problem came across.

In his organization and big businesses where there is a division of levels and tasks, this job is highly valuable to accommodate a large number of people working to achieve the same goal.

Service Operation Analyst

The service operation analyst job is one of the fastest-growing jobs that asks for a person who would take care of the client requirement they gather the information from the client-side that what they want and require.

Analyzing the customer and client demand in any business and organization is a task of responsibility because if a person does not know what the other person expected then this becomes a big obstacle in the completion of a task or service. This job is highly demanded in every sector of the workplace.

Full-stack Engineer

A full-stack engineer is a person who worked from both the front as well as back they are the software engineers who write the code for clients, servers and middlers. They are responsible for managing the data basis from the front as well as back and they work to develop specialized user and client-friendly tools and features to satisfy the objective of their projects.

This job requires the knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, git and GitHub, backend development language, web architecture, Data management system and fundamental designs.


In this Era, when people have such a hectic schedule that they don’t find time for themselves then the problem of depression and anxiety are very common.

Counsellors are the person who helps an individual to come out from these circumstances. They help people to understand what they require what are their desires.

Nowadays when everyone is running in some and some race which does not have any finish line then there is a need for a person who can help these athletes to maintain their energy for long-lasting times this help is done by the counsellor.

So, from here we can conclude that

There are many fastest-growing jobs to explore about the need of the hour is to give them a try and to develop skills which will help us to go long in our journey.

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