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Yoga: A Boon for Health

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Yoga A Boon for Health

 Yoga is a Sanskrit word drive from yoj that means to unite. Yoga is a process to unite the body, mind and soul of an individual. The union of these three make an ordinary individual an extraordinary one. Combining soul, body and mind is a task that seems next to impossible without some techniques that are covered in yoga.

So, these are some information, takings and beliefs related to yoga. If we shift towards the twenties then physical and mental exercise is termed yoga which involves stretching, holding postures and meditation. But nowadays the busy schedule of individuals does not allow them to have quality time with themselves.

Performing yoga is one of the blessings for our health but due to some and some reasons, we neglect its importance. The era of twenties had developed many bad habits in every age group and made the lifestyle so complicated from a fitness point of view Sitting on a chair for a long time, eating junk food, increment in screen time, promotion of indoor activities take people away from their mother earth which causes depletion of health level.

People became more prone to diseases. In today’s life, every next person is a victim of some kind of disease like high blood pressure, diabetes, depression and many others.

The very solution to all these problems is a single word that is ‘yoga’. Which will help you to bring necessary and important changes in your daily lifestyle.

Barriers in Performing Yoga

Now let’s discuss some of the barriers that people usually encounter in performing yoga 

Barriers in Performing Yoga

Busy and hectic schedule

In today’s era, finding time for yourself is such a difficult task that it’s not easier for everyone to perform exercise and meditation regularly. No one is having time for themselves. All are busy with their day-to-day stuff.


Modern life makes an individual slacker. For beginners performing yoga is quite typical to do as their body become addicted to working in its comfort zone.


Initial days

When you start a new job starting two or three days are quite exciting same happens with beginners in yoga too. In initial days they perform a lot of activities which can’t be tolerated by their body so instead of feeling fresh and energetic they got exhausted and tired.

Lack of awareness and concern for health 

Due to their busy schedules people usually neglect their health. They provide a second priority to their body. They have developed a narrow perspective that Yoga and all are nothing but a waste of time and they aren’t going to gain a single benefit. Especially for today’s youth, hanging out with friends, watching web series, eating junk food, online gaming etc. are more interesting.

Now the question arises why we perform yoga and what is the importance of yoga in one’s life yoga undoubtedly is one of the activities that provide relaxation to the mind and effectiveness in the body. It is no less than medicine for a body having the potential to bring us back to our mother earth as it heals the soul and nourishes the body.

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Benefits of Doing Yoga

Yoga has uncountable benefits that calm the mind and body. Some of them are listed below

Benefits of Doing Yoga

Increases focus

Regular meditation along with some physical exercise boosts the concentrating power of the mind and one can perform an activity with a brilliant focus which makes them more efficient in his/her working.

Feeling fresh and active

Performing yoga on a daily basis make the body healthy and fit as yoga involves stretching and holding postures that produce strain and stress in the body resulting in increased blood circulation which makes people feel active and light. People are also relieved from the problems of back pain, cramps, spinal injuries etc.

Feeling fresh and active

Boosting immunity 

Our careless activities make our bodies more prone to diseases. Performing yoga regularly will help you to increase your immunity and provide relief from physical as well as mental tension and disorders which will decrease chances of being patient.

Helping in attaining a healthy lifestyle

People who perform yoga and meditation become more active and alert. Freshness inside them motivates them to achieve a healthier lifestyle and help them to develop concern for their wellbeing. It is a common observation that fit people always give their priority to yoga because they know its benefits.

They are aware of the positive changes that come in their life after performing yoga. it helps people to develop concern for health, for the mind, for the soul and for the body.

Reduce depression and stress

Regular meditation and performing different kinds of asanas along with some physical activities make the mind alert and exact. It will balance their hormonal changes and make them relax and calm their mind. It increases their thinking power and intelligence helping them to take things in a casual way and sort it out.

Reduce depression and stress

Consequently, leading to a decrease in their stress and depression level. Yoga provides you with an opportunity to interact with yourself understand your feelings, emotional longings. You begin to introspect yourself.

Many of us usually take a resolution that from tomorrow onwards we will regularly perform yoga but tomorrow never comes. So now we are going to deal with the questions like when to start, how to do and what to follow.

Following are some tips for yoga

  • The best time for doing asanas and Yoga is early morning but if you are busy at that time then you can do the same thing in the evening as well. The only requirement is your stomach should be empty for the last 2 or 3 hours.
  • Find a helper for yourself who can help you in maintaining posture and keep you motivated for performing the exercise regularly.
  • Choose a peaceful and calm environment as a little bit of disturbance is enough to distract you from your meditation.
  • Wear comfortable clothing while performing yoga.
  • Use a clean and not slippery mat so that you may not fall while performing.
  • Don’t compare yourself with others as one may have unmatched potential. Also, everyone is having different strengths and different limits. Perform yoga and exercises within the limits of your body. Don’t make it so hard for yourself.
  • Increase your level of performing the exercises day by day. Don’t try to perform the things in one go.
  • Perform activities day by day. Ladder up step by step. Be very careful.
  • Keep an eye on your diet and try to include some healthy habits in your lifestyle. Avoid junk food as much as you can.
  • Try to keep your body hydrated. This will help you not to get exhausted soon.

Half-baked knowledge is always dangerous. Don’t perform it blindly. Always follow some precautions while performing a different kinds of asanas, maintaining postures and all.

  • Senior citizens and pregnant women must perform yoga in guidance.
  • If any injury occurs, consult a doctor.
  • Never try to overstrain your body.
  • Don’t perform yoga after taking meals.
  • Yoga should be avoided in case of illness.

From here our vision is crystal clear towards the importance of yoga. It helps you to bridge the gap between an unhealthy body and a healthy body. Develop a concern for your health and do yoga regularly.

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