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Summer’s Miracle Drink: Buttermilk and its incredible benefits on skin

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Summer’s Miracle Drink: Buttermilk and its incredible benefits on skin

Today’s millennials prefer natural and homemade remedies for their skin and hair care routine, as they work the best, without inflating any harm. One such ingredient is buttermilk; the most loved summer drink of India.

Since ages, Indians has devised numerous ways to make buttermilk a dedicated part of their diet.

An outcome of the separation of butter from milk, buttermilk serves multiple benefits; from being extremely nutritious, light on the stomach and palate appeasing to being an essential part of our beauty regime.

All at once, buttermilk exfoliates, nourishes, softens, brightens, and beautifies the skin.

Regular consumption of buttermilk helps in detoxifying our body, improves digestion, thus reflecting the same in our skin.

Buttermilk can cleanse our skin perfectly since it draws all dirt, dust and impurities out of our skin and gives it a healthier, cleaner look.

We bring you a few ways in which you can gift the benefits of buttermilk to your skin.

1. Buttermilk as a natural cleanser

Take a small amount of buttermilk and blend it with an equal amount of rose water. Add a few drops of sweet almond oil or organic olive oil to it. With the help of a mixture dipped cotton ball, wipe your face gently.

Rest it for 15 minutes and then splash cold water on your face.

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2. Improve your skin texture and tone

Mix gram flour and turmeric powder with buttermilk and apply the paste uniformly over your skin. Let it dry and then rinse off with lukewarm water.

3. Give your skin a plump

With some fresh buttermilk, apply it as a skin-firming mask and wash it off after drying.

4. Lighten up your spots and marks

Sun-dry some orange peels, grind them into a fine powder and mix it with some buttermilk.

Massage your face gently with the paste and let it sit for half an hour. For better results, repeat the procedure twice or thrice every week.

5. Get rid of sun-tan

In a ratio of 3:1, blend fresh buttermilk with pure, raw organic honey and add 1 beaten egg to it.

Massage the tanned parts of your skin with it for a few minutes. Let it sit for the next 15 minutes and then, rinse off with plain cold water. It will leave you with glowing skin.

6. Soothing Sunburns

Take (1/2) cup of cold buttermilk and combine (1/2) cup of fresh tomato juice with it. Make a paste and apply all over your affected skin. Leave it for an hour and then wash off with cold water.

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