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Signature Scent: finding your perfect match

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Smelling intoxicating is not at all an easy task.

So does the process of finding your ‘signature scent’.

Well, spritzing on those tons of bottles on display will for sure, give you a headache instead of assisting you.

Also, on the other hand, you don’t want to end the search operation unless you feel completely satisfied with meeting your perfect match.

So, what are the important tips and tricks to help find the right scent?

Let’s roll them up.

1. Know your taste

Separate your likes and dislikes in fragrances.

According to experts, 80% of our ‘sense of taste’ is driven by our ‘sense of smell’, concluding that your favourite food or flavours are the key attributes in deciding on your choice of scent.

2. Showcase your personality

Your signature scent should be the face of your personality and style. 

  • If you vibe with a ‘little-to-no-makeup-person’, choose a fresh and clean scent rather than going for spicy or musky. 
  • A shy and introvert woman should go for a strong fragrance that can announce her presence, silently. 
  • Whereas, an outgoing lady, who loves getting dressed up, can choose a soft or subtle scent to balance her personality. 

The bottom line is to mingle with a fragrance that will blend perfectly with your outlook on life and your persona.

3. Test it before you tick it

It’s hard to understand from the scent strips or the perfume testers available at the store as perfumes smell way different after wearing for some time.

Always go for a sample and try for a few days

before going ahead. Wear it on your inner wrist and leave it on for the whole day to see how fragrance changes gradually over time.

Pro tip: Avoid trying more than three different samples at a time to find out the best one for yourself.

Also, the nose remains fresh in the morning right after waking up.

Hence, it is the best time to try any fragrance and make a decision.

You can also re-set your nose by spending some time in a neutral environment.

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4. Hit the perfect note

Perfumes encompass layers of scents, known as notes. There are three types of note:

  • Top Note: the kind of scent that you smell immediately after applying the product. It will hit your nose first and evaporate quickly.
  • Middle Note: The middle note or ‘heart note’ is the kind of fragrance that emerges as soon as the top note evaporates and thereafter, makes up the rest majority of the scent. 
  • Base Note: The base note is a richer fragrance, which cannot be even detected until you wear the product for at least half an hour. This provides us with more depth and thus, backs up the middle note by overriding it beautifully.

5. Look out for concentration

The concentration of a scent covers a crucial part in helping you find the right one.

No two perfumes are similar in terms of concentration. An ‘Eau De Parfum’ composition is highly concentrated, the ‘Eau De Toilette’ is much lighter and fresher.

This is why the first one stays more than the latter.

Give a little rest to your right scent from time to time to take your fragrance game to the next level.

This is because our body chemistry keeps changing too and weather also has a deep impact on fragrances.

Choosing your signature scent has never been so easy, isn’t it?

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