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“Today, I cannot visualize myself as anything but an entrepreneur”: Jyoti Sudhir, The leading woman of InventIndia Innovations, who crashed barriers and created her business realm

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Navigating the world as a woman is a distinctly different experience from doing so as a man as they often experience an extra layer of hurdles.

Today, after years of pushing their way into places they’ve never been, women are proving again and again that they not only deserve a seat at the table as a member but also as a leader.

We tapped such leading businesswomen on what it’s been like to set their own rule.

We interviewed one such leading lady, Jyoti Sudhir, Founder & COO, InventIndia Innovations Pvt. Ltd. on how she rolled up her sleeves and went for it.

Jyoti’s story runs against many of the implicit societal stigmas prevailing against women.

In 2011, She co-founded InventIndia Innovations  Pvt.  Ltd., a full-cycle product design firm that translates an idea into a patentable &  meaningful product right up to the shelf.

InventIndia’s purpose is to create impactful product and brand experiences that add value to life.

Jyoti represents the lineage of women leaders who went through various life-changing moments but still stayed anchored and reached their potential. In her life,  Jyoti,  at a very young age,  realized that clarity of what you want, combined with proactiveness, is the essence of leading a happy life.

At the age of 23, she stepped over the line and walked out of her marriage.

She counted on herself to make her own decisions, her own choices and braced herself to bit the bullet rather than blaming others or society.

“In 2011, ever since I decided to plunge into Entrepreneurship, it has been a super challenging and enriching experience.

From giving up a high paying job, breaking the glass ceiling in a highly niche technical space, investing all the life savings in a new business, building a super-skilled team, striking a work-life balance to taking care of my two little girls along with scaling up the venture to winning several global awards; every moment has been overwhelming.”, Jyoti asserts.

For her, the plunge to becoming an entrepreneur was completely a matter of choice rather than a necessity.

Spending a decade in the corporate world across different verticals such as Education, Health, Stocks etc. made her realize that organizations can do much more with an apt combination of leadership and a great team.

This led to the foundation of InventIndia Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Revolutionizing the industry with Invent India Innovations

“The top global economies are invention based and despite having the best of the brains in India, most intellectual property is owned by Europe and the US due to high paying jobs and other essential facilities.

With a mission to put India on the Global Innovation Map, my husband Sanandan Sudhir and I co-founded InventIndia Innovations in 2011.

We left our high paying jobs to pursue our passion and dream of becoming innovative entrepreneurs. Initially, we worked in the basement of our house.

Our core focus was on building and nurturing a very skilled team and a great portfolio.

We also valued adding diversity in the projects which at times meant taking low-cost projects too.

Our combined leadership has led InventIndia to become an award-winning global innovation company focused on developing game-changing products with businesses across the globe.”

Reaching Milestones

“10+granted global patents, 15+ awards, 40+ team members, 100+ projects reinforce our faith in doing hard work and deliver- ing excellences.

“Winning a global award or recognition reinforces our faith in doing hard work and quality work.

Winning the National Entrepreneurship Award 2019, our first Recognition by the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Government of India was another proud moment.

All moments  that  entail  happiness  for the team – marriages, the birth of a child, someone buying a new car, house…. each little thing gives you an Entrepreneurship kick as you are shouldering responsibilities for 40+ families.”

Being A Woman in Business

“Unfortunately, we have a large section of the male population who want to bring women to the board room because it is mandatory compliance & for ornamental reasons.

This thought process needs to be shaken up & challenged.

The fact is that women bring a lot of diversity & value to the board room and the whole world is moving that way…It is a demonstrated Business Case.

Till we can change this mindset which starts with the right role models and upbringing of both the Genders, we are far from reaching the critical mass of women in workplaces at least not at the top management levels.”

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Work-Life Balance

“I am a role model for my two daughters. Of course, I have to stretch way beyond to achieve & strike a balance as a daughter, mother, wife & a businesswoman.

Art of planning and delegation and not wanting to do everything yourself is the key.

Keeping the priorities very clear is crucial to balancing work and family.” Nurturing a competent team at home and work is an asset.

  • WHEN I FACE A BIG CHALLENGE, I pause, reflect, understand, deep dive, and respond objectively.
  • THE MOST COURAGEOUS THING I’VE EVER DONE AS AN ENTREPRENEUR IS…investing in the First Real Estate for the Company even at the time of Cash Crunch as It made all the sense. Litigation against one of the largest Business Conglomerate and handling it wisely to recover the dues while maintaining good terms.
  • THE BEST PIECE OF ADVICE I’VER EVER BEEN GIVEN IS…Skill & Networking is everything!
  • MY FAVOURITE QUOTE IS…Waking up every morning healthy and alive is a reason good enough to celebrate life! Trust me – Rest all can be fixed.
  • MY GREATEST INSPIRATION IS…A Great Vision, Great Team & Great Work!

Raising Our Voice as Women

“Women have for long been trained to forgive, adjust and suck it up.

As the number of women raising their voices is too low, it always helps to share stories as a clan.

It gives women the confidence that they are not alone.

Patriarchy is pervasive across all classes & cultures. However, it takes just one courageous woman to start a movement.”

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