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Samprada Nagasubramanian: finding her vision through Enlightened Thought Works Pvt. Ltd.

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If you stick to having a clear goal in your mind and you are dedicated to working hard to achieve it, nothing can stand in your way.

Since time imme­morial, the society was run by males but today, women are breaking the trend and coming out of the shadows.

The winds of change have shown its effect pole to pole, especially in the corporate world.

Some are taking risks, and some are lead­ing top ventures and ideas.

One such entrepreneur sticks to a clear goal in mind and dedi­cated to work hard to achieve it.

She is Samprada Nagasubra­manian, Founder-Managing Director, Enlightened Thought Works Pvt. Ltd.

A young and dynamic entre­preneur, Samprada is an artist with a green approach, creative in making wealth from waste, committed to a social cause and is well-versed with in-depth knowledge of Indian ancient literature in healing.

Samprada is a qualified Computer Engi­neer holding a Post-Graduate Diploma in International Busi­ness from Pune University.

Spearheading the operations of three Business Verticals – Soft­ware Projects & Product Devel­opment, Software Specialized Learning & Development, and Conventional Health Care & Nature’s Friend, Samprada has mastered 50 software tech­nologies and is, at present, imparting the same to leading corporates.

Creating a niche for herself

Samprada has been conferred with two awards during 2019 – first as “Woman Innovator of the Year” award from Morpheus, Mumbai, and the second as “Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2019” at Future Woman Leader Summit & Awards 2019.

Her clientele encompasses leading global giants, to mention a few, Dell, Mercedez Benz, L&T, SAP, HP, Nitor and others.

She has authored several soft­ware e-books for clients and is now focus­ing on the production of technical train­ing videos at her in-house studio.

Under Nature’s Friend Vertical of her organization, Samprada has developed several products under “From Waste to Wealth” and has parted the know-how, free-of-charge to rural folks as part of a commitment to the community.

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First-of-a-kind, her latest original inno­vative research in HealthCare, titled as “Bharaat Paddhat” (Ancient Indian Natu­ral Non-Invasive Health Care), where she has combined, with high degree of preci­sion, the ancient proven Astrology with Color, Sound and Breath, for a blissful healthy living, practised by Rishis in deep Himalayas, erstwhile not attempted by anyone and has now been unearthed in her research work.

Subsequently, a leading University has called her research work for awarding D.Litt, which is under process.

She has blended her expertise in software with ancient Indian proven health sciences after making intense research through Indian Granthans.

There are evidential testimonials of her research with an inno­vative approach in health cure including chronic cases.

She has decided to dedicate her first-of-its-kind innovative health care prac­tices through her Workshops, On-line Video Training, One-to-One Interaction in chronic cases & Train the Trainer to carry on the legacy of this health care, to folks and people at large globally, as a non-prof­iteering venture.

The Therapy is very safe; through breathing exercises, colour and sound, and even if anyone does mistake while practising, it has no side effects.

Organic Lip Stick

Her latest innovation is organic “Lip Stick”, which has ayurvedic time-tested ingredi­ents, has been certified and cleared by an accredited laboratory. It is being negotiated by multi-nationals for transfer of know-how.

The lipstick not only is an ideal replace­ment of modern chemically-quoted lipstick but also takes care of maintaining the lips to its natural colours without wear, tear or side effects and serve as a lip guard for any infection, soreness, dryness and cracks.

This is expected to have a huge export poten­tial, besides meeting Make-in-India initia­tive.

She calls it as “Indo-Lipbalm” to give an Indianized touch for the benefit of women, as it is safe, edible if accidentally consumed without side effects whatsoever, free from chemicals, enhances lip colour and quality naturally.

Samprada’s entrepreneurial journey is a testimony to taking risks in life.

As they say, taking risks can be one thing that sets you apart.

Believe in yourself and don’t be afraid of the possibility of things going wrong. You will never know what you can achieve until you give it a go.

Samprada is a Bharatanatyam dancer and has performed at various cultural occasions.

Top of that, she is a versatile Veena (musical instrument) player (Carnatic music), an avid trekker and a nature lover.

She is also into philanthropy and has adapted underprivileged children and is contributing to their entire education expenses.

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