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Dynamic Businesswomen & Social Impact Entrepreneur: Rinku Sawhney

20 Dynamic Businesswomen 2020 Interviews
Dynamic Businesswomen

Let’s know about A Social Impact Entrepreneur & Dynamic Businesswomen:

Picture this. You are running a good business and have a good team; however, you know it can be better. You’ve had been successful, but are unsure about the future.

Such experiences in our lives push us at cross­roads. Today’s vigorous busi­ness environment demands the best out of its leaders.

This calls for adding newer layers of qualities like confident, deci­sive, strong communicators to one’s personality.

While the current scenario challenges us to move beyond our existing comfort zone. We need some­one to help us in achieving a new level of performance.

To wine and dine on the thought, our excursion took us to a personal transformation program, ‘The Success Framework’.

An amalgamation of science and behavioural psychology aimed to drive people’s empowerment and leadership, harnessing the power of the mind for personal transfor­mation and excellence.

The program is the brain­child of someone who believes that personal evolution stands as the greatest reward to human beings.

She is known for putting one’s life experiences in the right light and frame to procreate them as their strengths.

For over a decade, this social impact entre­preneur, Personal Excellence & Mind-shift Coach has helped and inspired over 15000+ people and the journey is still on.

Meet Rinku Sawhney, a Social Impact Entre­preneur & Dynamic Businesswomen with a focus on help­ing people rise above mediocrity. She becomes a master of their lives through Personal Excellence and Mind-Shift coaching.

She has also co-founded, along with her husband, Elevated Minds with a goal to impact the lives of one million people in 5 years.

The beginning

“My Passion to create a positive change in the world and helping people discover their real poten­tial. And Also love to create a life that they envision for themselves is some­thing that motivates every day of my life.

To see my mission of helping people live a happy, prosper­ous, spiritual and abundant life manifesting and coming true is like oxygen for me.

That spark in their eyes when they realize they can create whatever they put their intentions to, drives me every day.”

An engineer by education, Rinku started her journey with volunteering with social programs in the non-governmental sector.

After a few years of volunteering experience and personal coaching, she expanded her contributory skills to the next level.

Rinku delved deep for her work and brought to life a framework for achieving holistic comple­tion and mind-shift transformation.

Today, she conducts Personal Transformation programs, short- and long-term workshops, curated talks, and seminars which create a lasting differentiation in participants.

Rinku’s Journey, she recites

Shattering the challenges of Becoming Dynamic Businesswomen

Being a first-generation entrepreneur, I had no idea about how a business is run and what skills are needed to build it. I made mistakes, encountered a lot of failures.

But today, when I look back, I feel that all those challenges have made me so much more wise, resilient and knowledgeable.

I have become a very good decision maker now, all because of the bad decisions I made in the initial years.

Valuable Moments

One moment that I specifically want to mention is when I conducted my very first workshop. Needless to say, I had butterflies in my stomach and I had no idea if my program would create an impact on the participants.

But the last day of the workshop proved that I was born to do this work. People had tears in their eyes and no one wanted the work­shop to end.

Invitation for Josh Talks, becom­ing a TEDx speaker and finally creating my bouquet of 19 thought-provoking ideas based on the most trivial and overlooked behaviours which sabotage our life of success and wellbe­ing and authoring it in as “My Life I Decide”, published by Pan Macmillan, they are among the moments closed to my heart..

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  • WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO IN YOUR FREE TIME? I love watching movies, catch up with extended family and friends.
  • WHEN I FACE A BIG CHALLENGE, I… take a deep breath and ask myself ‘what is this trying to teach me?’
  • THE MOST COURAGEOUS THING I’VE EVER DONE AS AN ENTREPRENEUR IS…invest­ed all my savings in this business
  • IF I COULD GO BACK IN TIME TO WHEN I STARTED MY BUSINESS, I WOULD TELL MYSELF…you are made for great­ness…you are incredible…success comes to you easily
  • MY FAVOURITE BOOK IS… Entrepre­neurial You by ‘Dorie Clark’
  • MY FAVOURITE QUOTE IS… Be passion­ate to serve others. Rest every­thing follows

Road Ahead

Digital is the future. So yes. I am currently work­ing on and learning to set up my business online so that my workshops/programs can reach more and more people at affordable prices.

A Piece of Advice to Become a Dynamic Businesswomen

Learn from your mistakes and do not repeat the same mistakes, take calculated risks. And have a team which beliefs in your dream as much as you do, trust only people based on the results they produce (not just lip service). Do not let failures stop you.

Failures are part and parcel of an entrepreneur’s journey and the best tools to learn what works and what doesn’t. Dele­gate tasks to experts and focus on your core area of interest and strength.

Again, I would like to repeat this – your focus should always be to genuinely serve people well, whether it is a service or product and not just on making money.

Money is a by-product of your true intentions so become an entrepreneur only if you genuinely want to serve people well.

Business requires you to be a quick deci­sion-maker, so make sure your decisions are data-driven and not random. Having said that, never ignore your intuition, sometimes every­thing seems fine from the outside but your intuition tells you that something is not right. Listen to your intuition, it’s always right.

Also, become a learner for life, be open to learning from anyone.

Keep polishing your skills and look up to and learn from people who have already made it in the area of your interest.

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