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How has Information Technology changed the world during the pandemic?

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How has Information Technology changed the world during the pandemic?

Unfortunately or even specific, undoubtedly, the pandemic has been one transformational ride that changed our way of living in a couple of days.

Information technology, which has already emerged as the biggest phenomenon of the century, had developed some tools which came in handy for us, which made our lives a little better in the pandemic.

These devices or services were highly appreciated, and their utility multiplied in large numbers within no time, as the lifestyle of the general public took a drastic turn.

This piece is an effort to cover and appreciate some of those IT products and services, no matter how small or big their contribution is towards the enhancement of our lives during the pandemic. 

Wi-Fi Routers and Services

How has Information Technology changed the world during the pandemic?

Wi-Fi routers and services were quite popular even in the pre-pandemic era, but its popularity, engagement and utility shot up like nothing else during the pandemic.

As the practice of Work From Home and Study From Home became a necessity, more than a trend, the high speed and space offered Wi-Fi connections started occupying a huge number of homes.

Compared to other forms of internet providers, currently, they are more reliable and handy.

Payment platforms

How has Information Technology changed the world during the pandemic?

The pandemic also witnessed a major turn in the way the payments were being made as the payments made through paper cash was discouraged in the view of limiting the spread of the pandemic.

A lot of payment platforms that function through their own digital wallets and with the help of UPIs, like Paytm, Phonepe,

Amazon pay, Mobikwik, Google pay, etc., rose into sudden popularity and nationwide utility.

They offered ways to a simple and contactless transaction with the help of the most used smart gadget – The mobile phones.  

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OTT Services

OTT or Over The Top services came in as an alternative for the shutdown of movie screens and theatres that constituted a good portion of the economy.

International OTT streaming service providers like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and the Indian OTT platforms like Hotstar, ZEE5, ALTBalaji, etc., are currently part of a cutthroat competition as the demand for the platforms witnessed a surge.

These platforms are serving as one of the major sources of entertainment for the general audience who are staying indoors.

The smart televisions also capitalised on this opportunity by tying up with the OTT service providers to bring the movies and shows to the living rooms on big screens.

Delivery tycoons

How has Information Technology changed the world during the pandemic?

Ordering for a delivery of food, medicines, groceries, etc. was once considered a luxury, has now turned to be a commonly seen activity.

The spread of pandemic and the restrictions imposed on moving outdoors freely have made the general public rely on the home delivery platforms for all of their essential needs.

The stage also witnessed a huge number of startups giving their best to capitalise on the available opportunity by providing a huge customer base with different types of services, ranging from food delivery to grooming services. 

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Online meet platforms

Last but not least, most of us has turned to be the users of the applications and software which we were not even aware that they existed.

Yes, the online webinar and conferencing platforms like Zoom meetings, Goto meetings, Microsoft Teams, Webex meet, etc., are some of these platforms which enabled the conduct of lectures, meetings and discussion sessions over the internet.

The interface provided by them was easy to use, stuffed up with a lot of other applications which can be used by the moderator and the attendees.

Such platforms also gave birth to different Edu-Tech firms, which provided online education and coaching for the interested through these.

In short, the emergence of such platforms has totally transformed the way lectures, meetings and examinations were conducted. 

A Final Word

Apparently, the pandemic has opened the doors to attaining the possibilities of living and experiencing a virtual world while actually living indoors.

Information Technology came up with some brilliant solutions for almost every difficulties faced by the general public and has been successful to an impressive extent.

We are looking at a future where further enhancements will be made to the current technology that will be more appropriate for a post-pandemic era.

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