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What is CHATT, and how is it going to benefit the Indian tourism sector?

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What is CHATT and how is it going to benefit the Indian tourism sector?

The global tourism has been one of the worst hit industries in the global map, as the pandemic slit through the economic state of countries and instilling the fear in the minds of the travelers.

Many firms which were renowned for its world-class hospitality business, within no time ran out of business, the flight service companies, who were making a decent turnover were forced to jack the prices, even the small guest houses and camping businesses hardly made a penny as the major part of the tourist population were forced to reside indoors.

Since the situation is seemingly making progress on a positive note, the piece focuses on CHATT and what role does it have to play for the revival of the tourism sector of India.

A foreword to CHATT

The Confederation of Hospitality Technology and Tourism Industry or simply known as CHATT is the newly formed association of four giants of the sector to build a new industry, exclusively based on the tourism and hospitality oriented activities.

Airbnb – One of the global leaders of the tourism and hospitality industry, has extended its association with the domestic-based market leaders – EaseMyTrip, Oyo and Yatra.

The industry will be looking forward to planning some activities of a greater scope that will water the sector to grow again and better than before.

But that still raises a question in our head – Is the formation of such an industry is enough to breathe new life into the severely crippled up tourism and hospitality sector of the nation?

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How exactly CHATT is going to be helpful for the Indian tourism sector?

The news of four of the elite tourism and hospitality oriented companies of the nation giving birth to a new industry spread on like a wildfire and the flames of hope calling out for a rejuvenation became audible again.

Keeping the fact in mind that all these giants were dramatically affected by the sudden change in the customer inflow, the pooling of their effective resources, most likely the technology, financial base and the huge market will be their trump cards for the industry.

The reports show the following were the highlights of the association and are further analyzed to find their place in the national market.

1.) The technological front

The technical expertise of a global firm, combine with the same of some of the renowned startups of the nation, is a guaranteed shot at victory, when aligned with proper planning and execution.

Since the digitalization has gained a wider popularity and engagement among the public during the pandemic, it is expected to continue even in a post-pandemic phase, pressing hard on the idea to vest on enhancing the technology.

2.) Face-lifting of Internal management

Just like everything else, the concept of management too has evolved over generations, stuffing itself with new and modified theories and practises.

The prominence of internal management is beyond being questionable, and timely enhancement of their practices and approaches too is necessary for the firm.

CHATT, being the new face of the industry, is definitely expected to bring in some crucial aspects to rebuild the internal management and to ensure they function flawlessly.

3.) The aiding hand of government

A dwindling tourism and hospitality industry raises a major concern for the governments too.

The central government is backing the CHATT as they are targeting the growth of the entire sector, even including the ones with a smaller level of operation.

Since the country is progressing in an alarming rate with the fight against the pandemic, the rejuvenation of the sector is essential to back the economy for a post-pandemic era.

What is CHATT and how is it going to benefit the Indian tourism sector?

The final word

The news of formation of CHATT itself is injecting the hopes back to the nerves of the sick hospitality and tourism sector.

This can also be viewed as a bold attempt to capture the giant market of the country, by keeping things under their dominance in the forthcoming years.

Anyhow, the plans and strategies, which are going to be adopted by CHATT is yet to roll out, which hopefully brings in the most anticipated and needed light in to the industry.

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