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Dr Rakesh Kumar: creating a hallmark of product development, engineering and consulting services with Pingaksho Technologies

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RAKESH KUMAR CEO Pingaksho Technologies

The global and local impact of the Indian IT indus­try is impossible to put in a nutshell. An extremely vibrant and diverse sector, Indian IT industry contributes to 8% of the country’s overall GDP as per Statista’s report.

Over the years, the industry has matured from providing cost-effective back-end support to implanting the digital transformation for the companies, globally.

The sector has accelerated the digital transfor­mation of the companies and has enabled industries such as banking, healthcare, and education to adopt digital technologies efficiently.

The current wave of Indian IT entrepreneurs is zooming on build­ing such platforms and products for Indian and global markets that can help companies align with digital transformation.

We recently inter­viewed one such chieftain, Dr Rakesh Kumar, who is transforming businesses with powerful and adaptable digital solutions that are satisfy­ing the needs of today and are unlocking the opportunities of tomorrow.

Entrepreneurs, as well as established indus­try leaders, live by one perception-early adopter of a new technology trend accomplish the gold star of success.

This is because they have already worked hard to create some powerful & innovative offerings which will create bench­marks, afterwards.

Still today, many companies are reluctant to explore new horizons of technol­ogy because of that the uncertainty factors that can create challenges, slowdowns and discour­age them from making their mark.

The path to success is laid down with obstacles. But that does not cast down the dedication of Dr Rakesh Kumar. “Over the years, we have borne witness to the game changers and market disrupters who’ve left their mark on the industry.

Through all of these changes, we have stood strong in our unswerving commitment to offer our best, honest efforts to each client we serve,” asserts Dr Kumar

Revolutionizing the industry with Pingaksho Technologies

Fuelled by the belief to deliver innovative services that transform brands and accelerate advances in technology, Pingaksho Technolo­gies has firmed its position as a reliable techno­logical partner over the years.

Startups, Fortune 500 companies & mid-size to large corporations worldwide have trusted the company’s digital transformation projects and services.

Since day one, the company has elevated its capabilities at a rapid pace to turn their innovative roadmap into reality.

Transformative and flexible, Pingaksho focuses on transforming ideas and adding busi­ness value through high-level expertise and robust technologies.

Ensuring the desired real­ization of the client’ goals, the company offers package implementation solutions and services based on software products to customers across Financial Services, Hi-Tech, Telecommunica­tions, and Healthcare and Government sectors.

The firm’s Onsite services offer tactical solutions to its clients for their project execution in the short and long term.


  • Software product development services soft­ware quality testing services
  • Software modernization & re-engineering services
  • SAAS development services
  • Software localization services
  • BFSI solutions (banking, financial services and insurance)
  • Technology Consulting Services- sharepoint Consulting Services- Intranet, Extranet, Migration, Line-of-Business Integration, Dynamics CRM Consulting Services, Imple­mentation, Migration, xRM Development, Azure Consulting Services, Application Plat­form, DevOps Infrastructure, SQL & Storage, SharePoint & Web Farms, SQL Consulting Services, Data Management, BI & Analytics
  • IT Consulting
  • Management Consulting/Training

How Pingaksho is making a difference in the business world for its clientele? Let’s hear from the leader himself.

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What sets Pingaksho apart?

We breathe a mission; to help clients achieve soft­ware-enabled transformations with proficiency, predictability and quality. We plan and execute every software project down to the last detail.

There is no hidden agenda in our communica­tion. In our journey of delivering software devel­opment, outsourcing and consulting services, we have honed how we operate, engage, deliver, and mutually grow with our clients.

Our ability to consistently deliver on our mission is enabled by our Service Offerings, and our delivery, engage­ment and commercial models.

We are honest, straightforward and confi­dent in our capabilities, we ask questions to get to the root of your challenge to help craft the right solution.

Some of us are the creative kinds, passionate about building fantastic user experi­ences; while some prefer to dive deep into tech­nology and architect creative software designs; then there are the disciplined and fact-fo­cused types who ensure software projects are completed on time and all checklist items are crossed off.

Our guiding principles are central to our day to day interactions with our clients, part­ners, employees, and suppliers.

Why Pingaksho headlines on ‘Next’?

We enable organizations to charter and execute a course to grow and compete, enabled with the ‘Next’ in technology.

Our solutions help compa­nies transform into a nimble, highly competitive and fast-growing organization; the ‘Next’ enter­prise they aim to become.

Our software consult­ing, development and outsourcing services leverage our strengths as outlined.

What roadmap has been laid for Pingaksho’s future?

We are constantly looking at ways to enable smarter software solutions for our clients. We continually work to seek better, faster and more cost-effective solutions to our client’s problem.

We know and appreciate the trust our clients have placed on our expertise and experience, striving each day to find better ways to do things.

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs?

Be quietly confident in your ability, and quick to learn from others, respecting and learning from your differences. Be clear, concise and honest while commu­nicating with people.

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