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Vamsi Krishna Maramganti on How QRC Assurance and Solutions Pvt. Ltd. stole a march over other global tech giants

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VAMSI KRISHNA MARAMGANTI Founder & CEO QRC Assurance and Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

QRC Assurance and Solutions Pvt. Ltd stole a march over other global tech giants, How?

One fine day in Novem­ber 1988, a graduate student at Cornell University, Robert Tappan Morris, son of the famous cryptographer Robert Morris Sr. wrote a program, as a part of his research, to measure the colossal of the internet by infect­ing UNIX systems for counting the number of connections through­out the web.

The experiment ran well, too well that the limits set by Morris failed to keep the program from clogging up large sections of the internet, and copying itself to new machines and sending those pings back.

Known to the world as ‘Morris Worm’, it was the world’s first cybersecurity attack that infected 10% of the world’s computers then, on the internet and cost hundreds, or maybe thousands of dollars for each affected machine.

Although the infant stage of the internet at that time diminished the impact to less devastating, compared with today, it eventually laid down the foundation for the internet security issues the world has faced ever since.

Cybersecurity issues’ impact and occurrence have evolved significantly, so much that it has created muddle all over the world, espe­cially among business organizations.

Information or data, today, is represented as one of the key components for almost every business.

Any threat to it can collapse a business and hence keeping up with it is a challenge for all organizations.

Failing to do so, organizations wimp out a step behind, which makes them vulnerable to cybersecurity attackers, hackers and malicious threats.

Among this chaos, QRC has established itself as a cybersecurity service provider and with each day, is reaching newer heights through proven domain knowledge and quality-oriented methodol­ogies while gracefully providing solutions for security and privacy concerns of their global customers.

Outlook: QRC Assurance and Solu­tions Pvt. Ltd.

Anchored by innovative thinking and marked qual­ity, QRC Assurance and Solutions Pvt. Ltd. came into existence in 2015 to provide a specialized array of Assurance solutions for Quality, Risk and secu­rity & privacy Compliance concerns of businesses.

Information security and assurance runs the DNA of QRC which excels the organization in giving a transformative push to secure businesses and elevate customer satisfaction, all around the world.

An Approved Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard Qualified Security Assessor (PCI QSA), Payment Application Qualified Secu­rity Assessor (PA QSA) & 3D Security Assessor (PCI 3DS) and a SWIFT CSCF Assessment Cyber Security Service Provider, QRC endeavours with a different approach.

The firm not only provides certification and assessment services with respect to Security and Privacy but it also advises organi­zations in meeting them.

Today, the firm stands among world’s leading multi-national Information Security Assurance companies while serving more than 150+ leading players across various industries including Payment Processing, Fintech, BPO-KPOs, Financial Institutes, IT etc. in 20+ Countries cross­wise India, USA, UK, Philippines, Malaysia, Indone­sia, Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar, China, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bangladesh, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethio­pia and more.

Key Highlights

Credentials under QRC’s name;

  • Payment Card Industry – Data Security Stan­dard Qualified Security Assessor ( PCI QSA)
  • Payment Card Industry – Payment Application Qualified Security Assessor ( PA QSA)
  • Payment Card Industry – 3D Security Assessor ( PCI 3DS)
  • SWIFT Assessment of Cyber Security Service Provider
  • Experian’s Independent 3rd Party Assessment (EI3PA)
  • Information Security / System Audits as per various global Regulations
  • SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3, SOC Cyber Security Advisory & Certification
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)
  • Mobile / Web Application Penetration Testing (Android, IOS etc.)


  • Advisory & Assessment Services
  • Security Testing Services
  • Certification Services

Availability module: the above services can either be served for Single Compliance Achievement for a shorter period or overall Enterprise Security for a longer duration.

The man behind the brand

Vamsi Krishna Maramganti

Founder & CEO


“At QRC, we believe there is always a better way to secure your business. A more valuable, less trou­blesome way to achieve compliance where trust of the client is earned and we are passionate about it.

At every step, we ensure to deliver quality and commitment to our clients, and it has kept us float­ing and took us a step ahead from others in the market place.”

A multilingual speaker, Vamsi Krishna carries two-decade experience in Management Systems, Business Process reengineering, Security & Tech­nology with a proven track record for providing solutions for different problems faced by his clients and management.

A globetrotter, he has worked in 500+ Companies across 30+ international bound­aries across US, APAC, CEMEA regions under PCI DSS audits, Risk Assessments, 9001 and 27001 Assessment for banks, payment gateways, and BPOs etc.,

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Revolutionizing as a leader

An adherent of Kautilya’s teachings, Vamsi believes in maintaining close relationships with his associ­ates at every level.

Talk about any premises- from the development of employees, ensuring the posi­tive environment and attitude with unbiased oppor­tunities for everyone to certifying satiating on-time customer services, Vamsi’s commitment, dedica­tion and enthusiasm speak for his brilliancy.

Key Developments at QRC

  • 2017 – Developed In-House Data Discovery Tool named “QRC-datafinder”. This tool helps organizations to find any critical, sensitive data lying unprotected within their environment.
  • 2018 – Developed In-House Governance, Risk and Compliance Management Portal called “QRC – GRC Manager”. This portal helps organizations to closely monitor and manage Projects currently active and also useful for centralized document management and Knowledgebase.
  • 2020 – Come up with Integrated Security Audits called “QRC Framework”.

And it’s only the tip of the iceberg of QRC who has marked its presence in the Directory of SWIFT as Cyber Security Service Provider and Assessment Provider

Future Ahead

We are continuously working towards providing the latest security intelligence, with an understanding of the latest compliance requirements, IT security and information assurance to our clients.

Our spotlight is always focused on refining and creating services that add value to our customers.

And that’s how we give tough times for our competitors to contest against us. We take every challenge as an oppor­tunity to identify our sore point and work on it.

By learning not only from our own mistakes but also from our competition, we create something even more valuable and distinguished.

Piece of Advice

Don’t focus on Competitors, rather, focus on improv­ing your services.

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