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The Perfect Fit Leader: Arun Kapur on creating his indelible mark as a Business leader with Bottoms up approach

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ARUN KAPUR Chief operating officer (COO) Luxor

Occasionally, we hear about leaders and their ‘going against the grain’ that inspire us, motivate us, and influence our way of life. These leaderships are not god gifted; rather they initiate from risk-taking, apt decision-making and strategies.

These captivating leader­ship stories are rooted in true compas­sion and often in the face of adversity.

The leader in this story is the reason we believe in such disruptive stories. It is an epitome of perpetual leadership at its best.

He is inspiring and instilling great habits in those he leads.

As a change-maker, he is encouraging those who lead and is preparing a new generation of lead­ers at the Luxor Group. He is none other than the Chief Operating Officer (C.O.O), Mr Arun Kapur.

As a Six-sigma Blackbelt practitioner, and inspired by Japanese manufacturing systems involving Lean principals across functions, Mr Kapur’s count on pushing boundaries and springing up with idealistic ways has positioned multiple businesses at newer heights.

During his entrepreneurial journey, he addressed a myriad of challenges – from growing the enterprises to stitching-in innovations and so on. Under his leadership, many companies have improved the operations, profitability, technology, and work culture and are, still, driving excellence.

Personal Envelope

Born in Nepal to an Indian Engineer in on with the construction of India-Nepal Highway, Arun has covered grounds across India and advanced Economies Like Europe, Japan, tasting different geographies, ethnicities, and lingual area.

He is a Mechanical Engineer holding specialization in MBA operations and has earned Advanced Degree in Tool Engineering from YMCA Insti­tute of Engineering Faridabad, Fellowship from the UK in CAD/CAM and a fellow to British council-UNIDO Program.

The list lives on. The leader loves to train and engage in social contribution and is asso­ciated as a Manufacturing domain expert with IIT Delhi – AIA/ FSM labs working on digital transformation in manufacturing.

Powered by a Specialised program from MIT SLOAN on digi­tal transformation platform strategy he has dug himself deep into this.

Inspired, we wanted to highlight and draw out the narratives of Arun, who has created an indelible mark with his prowess, business excellence, and innovative expertise on the at different business verticals and product lines like Automotive, electronics, Machine building, Semiconductors, that has posted robust growth, ensured profitability, and delivered superior products for its customers, worldwide.

Revolutionizing as a leader

Preparing the front-page of the organiza­tion under his leadership

Mapping out Business growth, sketching Annual operating plans, Budget, New prod­uct, Operations excellence decision, imple­menting digital and lean strategies, capa­bility building and ensuring best in the class process to improve TOP line and Bottom Line, Business Acquisition, expansion, tech­nology up-gradation.

Most important values demonstrated as a Visionary leader

Mentor, Coach, Inspirational, pace-setter, Passionate

What does it take to be a business leader?

To be a leader is to envision the future for your organisation, by bringing in integrity, speed, passion, and teamwork, inspiring and motivating the teams to drive for excellence to create a climate of growth, excellence, and happiness in the organisation.

Can you tell us about any habits you have/ things you do, which set up success every day?

I always plan a monthly calendar for myself, and my team to properly manage future activities, thus heading out for better time management. I analyse my team’s perfor­mance by updating the KPIs, monthly.

What advice would you give to other en­trepreneurs?

Create excellence through people, empower them, root culture of trust and sense of mission and accomplishment and finally reward and recognise. One should be committed towards customer quality, cost, delivery, safety while focusing on stakehold­ers, society, employees, shareholders, finan­cial institutions, and respect law of the land.


Sharpening his skills as a leader

Regularly upgrading myself and staying well versed through Online learning, Seminars, and working with research labs and attend­ing different technological, Business and development Sessions, both national and international, through social networks.

What sort of leader would your team say that you are?

Visionary, inspirational, coach, mentor and of course, assertive

What are the traits that derail more lead­ers’ careers?

Indiscipline, Lack of Focus, No focus on Emotions, Integrity, and lack of owners.

What has been the best moments in your entrepreneurial life?

As a key operational leader, I lead a green­field project of ASB International (NISSEI ASB mc. Co. Ltd. (Japan)) in India which involved multi-national effort.

Shouldering the responsibility to create a world-class team, I was awarded an opportunity to work with best of the class technologies in manu­facturing space and roped in my attempts to lead the organisation on its journey to becoming number one across the Globe.

  • When I face a big challenge, I Become more resilient. My innate athlete kicks in and I introspect, strategize, and attack the chal­lenge with renewed vigour and energy.
  • The most courageous thing I’ve ever done as a business leader is Created one of the best in class and India’s largest High-speed Plastic moulding set up in India. We executed the USD 60 million worth project executed within 5 months with world-class manufacturing standards.
  • My favourite business books are Straight from the gut by jack welch, working with emotional intelligence, who Moved my cheese.
  • In my free time, I like to listen to songs, travel, meditate, play sports, and reinforce with prayers.!!!!

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Leadership Pilotage

An epitome of exclusivity, value and success, Arun is well versed to keep the operations of the Luxor group, fresh and exciting. Arun spearheads group business operations across all four business verticals.

He specialises in driving manufacturing transfor­mation, integration and developing capabilities across the businesses.

He has contributed his dexterity across various sectors including, Automo­tive, Machine Building, Research and Development, Electronics, and semi­conductors, FMCG, Electrical and electronics Automotive.

Seamlessly integrating with different cultures both MNC, transnational and ownership driven organisations.

Recently, Mr Kapur got associated with IITD-AIA Foundation for Smart Manufactur­ing’s Event as a panellist to provide an exposure to the readiness for Industry 4.0 and the possibilities of Digital­isation and its benefits as well as key challenges.

He is a sprinter and an athlete embodying strong love for Soccer and an avid reader of global affairs.

Few Milestones under the leadership of Arun Kapur

  • Created Talent Pipeline strategy with Hays under leadership devel­opment program.
  • Reduced the product develop­ment times from 9 months to 6 months.
  • Concept of High-speed manu­facturing in machining, assembly, and moulding systems.
  • Piloted 2 projects for the Industry 4.0 on P.D.C and moulding lines.
  • Contributed to revenue improve­ment by 32 % in 2 years.

Road Ahead

To grow as a futuristic, transformative leader, social worker, guide, and mentor. Drive digital transformative strategies, help teams to innovate, grow, and create wealth for the enterprise.

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