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The Art of Persuasion

The art of Persuasion

Although the overall degree might vary, the abilities of Persuasion, being adamant, debating, negotiation, etc., are commonly found among the homo sapiens.

Regardless of the job, profession, or business, the prominence of possessing these skills and mastering them has shot up.

Winning over the competition or the clients mentally has become something crucial and unavoidable in the contemporary business world, where your mere survival depends on it.

The piece intends to bring one of the least discussed topics that deserves a good amount of appreciation in the modern business world, from a much general perspective that applies not only to businesses but to every human being who is out there, interacting with their surroundings.

The display of the behavior

More similar to a coin tossed up in the air, the perceptions and understandings are mostly two-sided.

Cats and dogs, heads and tails, or the number of times you’ve fought to establish the supremacy of tea over coffee.

The display of the behavior, being adamant, debating over the topic, and putting the best in persuading the other person, are general exhibits of the behavior, which varies in the level of understanding and how much they actually care about the topic and even better, their social status.

This dire need for convincing a second person or a group of persons who have taken an opposite or neutral stand could be more powerful and aggressive when it brings in a monetary or a tangible benefit, thereby fuelling the former to put up his best show.

The art of Persuasion

Act of Persuasion with a business motive

Simply put, winning an argument on the efficiency of android or iOS among your social group might just provide you with temporary satisfaction and could earn some respect and admiration from your peers.

But what if the same skills can be applied to dig deeper and make a living out of it.

The act of negotiating and persuading can be utilized to make a fortune, more like the salesmen out there.

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How advanced persuading skills became the need of the hour

Although it may sound like a pretty generic observation, the deeper you dig, the more sense it will make.

Management enthusiasts would be aware of the evolution of marketing concepts and how sales and marketing dominated every other factor that controlled the global markets.

Apart from the other business strategies, the salesforce has always been the trump card for 90% of the companies operating out on a large scale.

Right from basic FMCG like pen and paper to military-grade weapons dealt by the governments, the salesforce made every business transaction possible, making it the utmost hassle-free.

The key motivational factor remained to be the monetary and other tangible benefits, followed by the rise in social status and respect received.

Despite the terms and positions being changed among salesman, agent, middleman, broker, etc., the job and the skills employed were fixed.

It was indeed one of the simplest jobs to get into but took a lifetime to master.

The convergence of the skills like communication, negotiation, Persuasion, convincing were considered essential for performing the job, and even a minor flaw in these was capable of running you out of business.

The art of Persuasion

Persuasion in the modern-day sales

One of the most ignored facts about digitalization is the loss of prominence for the salesforce and the former diverging into different sub-departments at different levels.

When the general public normalized the act of buying products and services online without even considering a second person, which dropped out the need for middlemen, it affected the salesforce drastically and forced it to change the way they operated.

The persuasion and convincing skills which only existed for the purpose of cracking a sale have now turned into customer relationship management and even retaining the customers for a long time.

The diverged departments assisted the salesforce with all their might, making the task appear easy, but the fear of competition demanded Persuasion at a whole new level than ever before.

The same job took new forms into lead generation, conducting market surveys, making cold calls, sending out emails, etc., making it a right fit for the contemporary business world.

Persuasion is a skill that has undergone multiple advancements and updates at different phases, which, regardless of the job or profession you are in, is a must-obtain one that even offers a promising career.

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