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Best electric motorcycles to watch out in 2021

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Best electric motorcycles to watch out in 2021

Electric Motorcycles and scooters have been in the market for a while, and the actual need for them has never seemed to rise.

The unbelievably high fuel prices, followed by the pandemic and the constant rise in promoting renewable sources of energy for transportation, are some of the striking reasons which are actually making people rethink their choices.

Owning a motorcycle is usually seen as an icon of pride, accomplishment, and satisfaction among a huge part of the population, and giving it up totally for the above-mentioned reasons is a heartbreaker.

This is where the advent of electric vehicles as a highly possible alternative for the fuelled-up motorcycles comes in.

For a variety of reasons, the electric vehicles were not given the consideration they deserved, and now, they are in better shape than ever, challenging the supremacy of the other motorcycles on the road.

The necessary upgrades with the maximum speed, acceleration, noise, battery strength and capacity, the lifetime of the vehicle are some of the enhancements to look at, which has created a successful market for the electric scooters and bikes industry.

The piece intends to discuss some of the best electric scooters and bikes available in the current Indian market to look out for.

Ultraviolette F77

Ultraviolette F77 Best electric motorcycles to watch out in 2021

Over the years, sports bikes were able to create a huge fan base all over the world, which seemed to be an impossible concept with an electric model until the launch of Ultraviolette F77.

The stunning looks of a muscular sports bike are its biggest positive, followed by an excellent set of features and specifications.

The design matches an aviation space one, giving it a sleek look. With the power of three batteries, a single charge will get you up to 150 km of range, which even powers up within an hour.

Bajaj Chetak EV

Bajaj Chetak EV Best electric motorcycles to watch out in 2021

When Bajaj came up with the idea to re-release its evergreen scooter model, Chetak, that too an electric variant of the same, it went on to be one of the best electric scooters in a budget range.

Bajaj Chetak EV came out with a decent yet classy outlook with some wonderful shade options.

The Chetak outperforms many of the electric scooters of the same range with a warranty of three years and some spectacular set of features. It offers a running distance of an average of 90 km with a single shot of charge of 5 hours.

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Revolt RV 400

Revolt RV 400 Best electric motorcycles to watch out in 2021

Despite a number of flaws earlier, the electric vehicles are leveling up their game gradually and throwing hints of performing better than the petrol drinkers.

The Revolt RV 400 is one such electric bike, which is the first one to introduce AI or Artificial Intelligence with it.

The look goes with a sturdy, muscular, and sporty bike, with attractive color variants.

It also flaunts some Gen-Z specs like a combi braking system, side stand sensors, and much more, enhancing the overall performance offered by the bike.

TVS iQube

TVS iQube Best electric motorcycles to watch out in 2021

TVS is indubitably a leading manufacturer of the two-wheeler segment of the country, and one just cannot expect anything less from the market leader when it comes to the launch of a new electric scooter, marking its entry into the electric vehicles segment.

TVS iQube is gradually penetrating the electric scooters market, launching it at the right time, with just the right set of features.

The scooter offers a range of 75 km with a fully powered-up battery and also a top speed nearing 80 kmph.

In contrast to the other electric scooters of the segment, TVS iQube can be considered a valuable addition to look out for.

Hero Photon EV

Hero Photon scooty electric motorcycle

The big brands usually overpriced the new launches, and with Hero, it was an exception.

With Hero launching its all-new Photon EV, a new addition to the electric scooters fleet.

The Photon EV took the automobile market with a surprise cum shock as it launched a budget model with some terrific specifications to seriously consider.

Hero Photon EV offers one of the best mileages in the whole EV segment, marking 110 km with a fully charged battery, which is charged in less than four hours.

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