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Dyna Biotech: symbolizing the future of Biotech & Biopharma innovation

Dyna Biotech: symbolizing the future of Biotech & Biopharma innovation

The biotechnology industry is assuredly amplifying its growth which has been fueled by health consciousness, massive investments and an increasing population base. As the industry continues to generate innovative products and formulations, the future looks bright with higher growth expectations incited by molecular science capabilities, new technologies, R&D, favorable govt. policies, agile concepts, and the optimization of manufacturing processes.

Over the years, many companies have broken the ground, globally in order to develop more powerful products, new-age solutions and instrumental technologies. Today we will look at the journey of one such firm that has been behind some incredible success in the biotechnology and biopharma industry.

In the heart of Pune, there is a 12,000 Sq. m. factory area of the country’s leading biotech leader, Dyna Biotech. Instituted on the vision of becoming a global leader in manufacturing Biotech & Pharma equipment(s), Dyna Biotech today has matured as a global brand providing world-class & industry-first technologies and premium equipment(s) at an affordable cost. With an omnipresent approach, Dyna Biotech has broadened the horizons in health care as a well as veterinary sectors by establishing the best product range, which is greatly influencing the APIs, vaccines, pharmaceuticals products, beverages, food, and dairies landscapes, among others, in a progressive and positive way.

At Dyna Biotech, every stage of design, production, installation, commissioning, automation, integration, and validation is monitored with a client-driven approach. These specified user-focused needs are factored in to deliver the progressive customized systems.

The company occupies the niche of highly specialized customized bioreactor, Biopharma equipment like fermenter, bio kill systems, Hollow fiber systems, Ultra/Microfiltration Systems, TFF systems, mixing, transfer and storage pressure vessels, manufacturing and automated customized fermenter, and has emerged as the brand leader in this space.

How Dyna created a history of success?

“We started with a goal of providing predictive and personalized systems, and the company filled the niche in the highly specialized automated manufacturing and has emerged as a brand in the market. Our Equipment(s) are manufactured as per ASME BPE Guidelines. We have successfully implemented our System, Support & Technology in India as well as internationally for COVID–19 Vaccines & for many biotech products in the different countries with technology-driven support.

Our team brings in a magnifying experience of more than three decades across the various department including project management, engineering, manufacturing, automation and quality management. Our team has created benchmarks in value engineering. We offer International Quality Products at Extremely Competitive Pricing. Our ability to manufacture customized equipment(s) to meet all specifications of clients has helped us to create an exclusive clientele, including leading names from all fields. We have a proven track record of supplying customized equipment within half the standard time required by our closest competition.”

Adds Dr. Vinodkumar Patil, the leader behind Dyna Biotech. A visionary, Dr. Patil is a man of many hats. A microbiologist doctorate by profession, Dr. Patil started his professional career in 1993 and has served the world’s leading biotech companies like Lupin, B. Braun Biotech (Germany), Sartorius, Shantha Biotech (Sanofi group Company) and Serum Institute of India at responsible directive positions.

Dr. Patil is a Process Engineer with 30 years in the Pharma Biotech industry. He has installed plants, equipment and processes for more than 200 projects and manufactured more than 6000 Biotech equipment. He has customized approximately 30 Biotech products and equipment including vaccines, therapeutics, probiotics, diagnostics, antibiotics, steroids etc.

This is just a snapshot of a leader’s portfolio who was behind the successful acquisition of WHO pre-qualification of pentavalent vaccine for pediatric application at Serum Institute. Later on, with a vision to provide clients with the latest biotech equipment and products used in the manufacturing of vaccines, antibiotics, and others, he instituted Dyna Biotech in 2013 at Pune. Dr Patil’s assorted portfolio of 30 years signifies his matchless expertise in cleanroom design, equipment design, manufacturing, validation and setting up processes for microbial and cell culture products.

Dr. Patil has been awarded a Doctorate of Philosophy in the field of Science and Biotechnology. The self-stimulus to gain the knowledge and experience in the field of Biotechnology gave many logical marvels to his clients and partners.

Dyna’s Exemplary Product Menu

Laboratory, pilot and production scale Fermenters, Cell culture Bioreactors, Micro- and Ultra-filtration systems, Hollow fiber filtration systems, CIP/SIP skids, Depth filtration systems, Inactivation & Bio-kill systems, Spray dryers, Harvest Tanks, Formulation Systems, Cell Purification & Associated equipment. Along with many in-house parts like valves, filter housings, spray balls, agitators etc.

At present, the company is expanding its product portfolio by working on developing newer technologies in the software and hardware parts of conventional products like filling machines, isolators, chromatography and automation systems.

With ‘Go Global’ as its main driving force, Dyna Biotech is stepping towards the exploration of the international market under the leadership of exceptional leaders in various departments. The company’s clients are located across countries like South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Bangladesh, Turkey, Germany and United States. The company has pledged to diversify its penetration into the global healthcare market. The company’s present stronghold is in the healthcare industry, but advancement in the trust and strong association with its clients and vendors motivates this global brand to take the opportunities to cater to Food processing industries, biodiesel manufacturing firms, Agro-based fertilizer businesses, dairy industries etc.

Dyna Biotech has its international marketing, sales & service presence in Bangkok, Thailand, London and the UK to take care of its clients abroad. The management strongly believes that serving the international market allows generating foreign currency for the development of the nation as well as society.

Expertise in Value Engineering

Dyna Biotech’s dexterous team has worked effortlessly to constantly deliver great value addition to humanity during a national and international emergency due to the COVID pandemic. The company raised projects for its clients worth 650 million dose vaccines for India and abroad. For the last 7 years, Dyna Biotech has been engaged in raising vaccines, therapeutics and anti-cancer related projects and ensuring that projects are completed in time. The product has the quality standards of European, USFDA and Indian FDA cGMP compliance. Dyna Biotech’s team of 75 engineers and 30 life science professionals are contributing to doubling the turnover and profits every year. The team has saved foreign revenue by ‘Make in India’ initiative and earning foreign revenue 50% turnover of the business every year.

Dyna Biotech also has a separate team for dealing with the manufacture of various essential components like a safety relief valve, Bottom valve, sample valves, filter housings which are manufactured by in-house technology. The company manufactures for Biopharma and Biotechnology industries in India and abroad with innovation, customization and exceptional customer service. The company is constantly striving to achieve a perfect balance between the functionality and affordability of its products without compromising on the high standards of quality it maintains. The impact of its management policies and processes along with quality execution, skillful innovation and resource management makes the offerings of Dyna Biotech reliable and secure.

Road to Future

Over these last few years, the company has seen very encouraging growth in the Biotechnology Sector. This has been primarily due to a strong foundation, which has been established over a few decades from research and education to translation and product development.

As Dyna Biotech move into the next 5 years from 2022 to 2026, it has set out an ambitious target of Biotechnology i.e. contributing to a “knowledge and innovation-driven Bioeconomy”. With the current growth trajectory of the sector, the top leadership stands confident that India will be within the Top 5 countries globally and be recognized as a Global Biomanufacturing Hub by 2025, with the sector growing exponentially to achieve growth which will be helping the economy in the best way.

World over biotech industries has forayed into wide-ranging applications in medicine, agriculture and foods, informatics, nanotechnology and forensics, among others. However, moving forward there would be advances that are yet to be imagined. Industries will adopt new technologies and there will be new discoveries made, that would impact every aspect of our lives – from health to food production, climate, and environment. Therefore, to create favorable conditions for sustainable development and deployment of biotechnologies to act as an engine for the knowledge-based bio-economy, it is imperative to have a strategy rooted in the Indian perspective to drive Biotechnology to the next level.

Development and Expansion

“The 2020 pandemic taught many alternate lessons for handling man, machine and material demand and forced us to evolve new technologies. It was a challenging period and beyond help from any source made evolve us into alternate technologies and build strength in operations.” asserts Dr. Patil.

SV Biotech Private Limited, another sister concerned branch of Dyna Biotech has established a position and leadership in the biotechnology and immunotherapy segment using the biotech platform by creating R&D and in-licensing through a combination of technological innovation, affordable services and full-technical and regulatory support in reinforcing the brand’s dedication for complex product and process development. SV Biotech is set to become an industry leader in developing and delivering leading-edge services using experiences and core competence. The company is engaged in manufacturing APIs, Diagnostic kits, multi-product vaccines, and probiotics and is dedicated to new product development modules.

Words of Wisdom from Dr. Patil

With more and more advancements in the field of biotechnology, the younger generation of today has an opportunity to explore the depths of biotechnology and make new innovations for the betterment of mankind. We at Dyna Biotech, welcome such aspirants to showcase their talent and gain skills in understanding biopharma equipment(s). We provide an opportunity to learn the knowledge and skills it takes to develop and provide systems required for clients. Dyna Biotech plans on setting up processes to provide more client suited, customized equipment with the support of newer skills of these youngsters.

India’s youth is its biggest asset in today’s time. New generation employees are blessed with science and technology since childhood with better grasping power. They need to understand the need of time and choose careers very carefully. Since the pandemic, investments are diverted into the life science profession. India is keen on “Make in India” and stopping imports from other countries like China. This is an excellent opportunity for Indian corporates and start-ups. It is creating a lot of job opportunities for job seekers with a passion for the field of biotechnology.

Dr. Vinodkumar Patil
Founder & Managing Director

My advice to the people freshly stepping out of universities and looking to diversify their skill set would be to keep following their passion and keep up to date with the latest news in the fields of their interest. Learning and staying motivated is the key to a knowledgeable mind, leading to personal growth and good career opportunities.

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