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An inside out analysis of applications of AI and ML in the post-pandemic phase

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An inside out analysis of applications of AI and ML in the post-pandemic phase

The concepts of AI and ML have emerged as a celebrated area of expertise, also offering a promising career.

The pandemic phase has solidified the cravenness towards AI and ML to the extent that even tutoring the basics of these can leave you in riches.

These factors make even a small evaluation of the role of AI and ML in the post-pandemic phase intriguing and thought-provoking.

The piece discusses a similar motive, also counting the complications that AI and ML are most likely to encounter in the post-pandemic phase.

The contributions of AI and ML during the pandemic phase

Despite the immeasurable losses witnessed in the pandemic, the adoption of Gen Z technology by the general public recorded a new high.

The mostly invisible resistance towards the acceptance of the technological changes incurred severe damage during the pandemic, which is apparently increasing the expectations and dependence of the general public on the technology of tomorrow.

The rampant rise in preferring dependence over technology is presumed to continue even in the post-pandemic phase.

The contributions of AI and ML in preventing the further spread of the pandemic also deserve an equally noteworthy mention.

From the handheld communication devices to the global media networks, every bit of information reached nooks and corners of the globe like a bat out of hell.

From then, the gadgets and services that served the purpose of detection to sustentation are the concoctions of the same heads.

The following are some of the most dynamic ways in which the potentiality of AI and ML has been put into work by different industries during the pandemic.

Data Analytics

A data analyst with a goldmine of data and an artist with a canvas and myriad shades does qualify as a metaphor in the contemporary business world.

Ever since the business firms found that the proper exploitation of consumer data will turn them into customer magnets, the demand for business analysts ripened to be a skyscraper.

Change remains to be the only constant in the pandemic stricken business world, and it surged the craving for more business analysts on board.

The AI and ML-powered brains of Data Analysts were exposed to a greater set of numbers, and even the future of the companies was about to be decided by their slightest nod.

The most obvious questions like, what new product offerings can be made? What upgrades does the offering be in need of? Which all markets qualify to be the best initial markets for pilot testing? Etc. haunted the magnets, and the answers were right on the fingertips of the analysts.

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The call for 5G

Apparently, digitalization was able to sprout out to greater lengths and depths during the pandemic, and it will steer the path forward. The most favored wireless networks like cellular data and wireless fidelity will hit rock bottom once the customer engagement multiplies beyond a limit. The recent announcement, which further ignited the anticipation over the fifth generation of networks, is turning into a reality soon enough. Such an advanced network is abundantly dependent on AI and ML for a multifold of reasons. The debate over cybersecurity is one such factor where every network is in dire need of the utilities of AI and ML.

Robots all the way

By prospering into a state where you are obliged to have minimum physical contact and discourage human touches, the artificial engines are nearly set to take over the manual labor to newly stretched extents.

The last line is a textbook adaptation, ages back to decades, or even the concept for action and adventure-packed science fiction, which can appear real on any bright sunny day.

The recent developments on Amazon’s Prime Air Programme are indeed the poster boy of the AI with a heavy global outreach.

The delivery drones eliminating the need for delivery personnel is a slowly unfolding and obvious statement.

This stands as proof that the pandemic was a complete disaster for many but fruitful for some.

It also injects the fact that the learning and practice of the skills of tomorrow are more promising than any kind of physical labor.

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