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The prominence of websites and applications in the Gen-Z business model

The prominence of websites and applications in the Gen-Z business model

A comparative outlook with the past decade affirms the fact that how much digitalization has contributed to launching websites and applications for business needs.

From established businesses launching their own websites and applications to increase customer engagement and business development, businesses are now being launched, whose platforms are constructed on the basement formed by websites and applications.

These two factors have become crucial in this virtual world to create and spread awareness about the business among a larger audience.

Even though a mere presence on the internet is enough to make potential customers identify the business, these websites and applications are modified as a marketing tool to ensure more revenue and competitive advantage.

The piece hereby intends to discuss the role played by the websites and applications for the businesses to stand out and gain a competitive advantage in the Gen-Z industry.

Why Websites and Applications are important for business development

24/7 access

Imagine having a virtual store that runs a course of 24/7 while your physical store actually runs for a maximum of 15 hours with holidays.

This is what websites and applications offer as they completely break all the time bounds surrounding your business.

The customers can easily shop from your website at utmost convenience, supposing the website has a clean user interface and is well updated.

Wider reach

The phenomenon of globalization solidified to greater levels with the advent of digitalization as the virtual world enabled the complete elimination of the geographical barriers while shopping.

Internet is a global virtual space, which can be accessed by anyone from any part of the world.

This undoubtedly provides the business with international customers and viewers, which will improve the reach of the business to a fascinating level.

This again stands as one of the reasons why most of the startups straight away go for a website and/or application that will fetch them more audience in a limited time.

The prominence of websites and applications in the Gen-Z business model

Cheaper marketing

Businesses spend multiple times of money on marketing and advertising activities when compared to what they actually spend on the production and acquirement of raw materials.

Apparently, this is the phase of marketing, as per the timeline, and the businesses are in constant search of cheaper and effective sources of marketing.

The websites and applications, once set up, function as effective and very cheaper sources of marketing as the content needed are majorly digital, which is highly cost-effective.

Ease of customer service

As per the marketing timeline, the quote of the customer is the king applies to all domains.

The concept of CRM – Customer Relationship Management had gained much prominence in the last couple of decades, which deals with retaining, maintaining, and balancing a good relationship with the customers by addressing all their grievances and keep them fully satisfied.

The website and application launched by the business ease this task to greater levels as the system itself will be capable of taking record of the complaints and grievances of the customers, their reviews and stay in touch with them with the help of auto text bots.

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Ease of usage

80% of the Gen-Z customers prefer shopping from the comfort of their homes or places and that too in a very convenient way.

The website, compared to a physical store, is much easy to maintain and update and therefore remains to be a much preferable option for the customers.

If they find it easy to use, the business can feel the increase in the traffic and the number of orders placed through the site.

Simply put, it saves time, physical effort, and money for the customers and the business.

Advertising benefits

Imagine placing giant billboards of your business at hotspots of the city, which might cost you lakhs or maybe more depending on the numbers.

At the same time, Imagine advertising your business digitally on platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, popular games, and other applications, etc., for a much cheaper cost.

Apparently, the latter will fetch you a better reach, and chances of landing upon a loyal audience base are too high.

Therefore, websites and applications can form easy tie-ups with other popular platforms for the advancement of business.

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