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Osaka Educare: the pinnacle of overseas education

Osaka Educare: the pinnacle of overseas education

As the entire world is slowly limping back to normalcy during the post pandemic phase, the stumbled international education industry has started refueling its movement and growth. With global movement resuming, top international universities are calling students to join them back on-campus. And so has the students who look forward to studying abroad due to ample career opportunities and choice of courses.

The dream of studying abroad seems to be an amazing & enriching experience both for the student and the family that is dependent on him. However, the procedure demands firmed and fool-proof planning on the aspirant’s part at every step- from choosing a university to walking on the campus. And that’s where a four-year-old overseas education company is simplifying this process by creating a one-stop services platform to provide a full suite of services for every need of a study abroad aspirant.

Osaka Educare: the pinnacle of overseas education

Established in 2018 as a flagship division of global educational consultancy under Osaka Group of Companies, Osaka Educare is marched by the leadership of the group’s Chairman, PB Boss. Sweeping off the issues faced by prospective students from the time of application, till their departure from India, the experts and specialists at Osaka Educare address such gaps in the market, be it:

  • Scraping down the ‘high’ initial consultation fees charged by other consultants
  • Guiding and recommending the suitable program that fits a student’s eligibility and hones his/her competence for a commendable career in the future
  • Assisting students in securing legal and affordable loan support


  • Introducing innovative programs to study in countries like Dubai, at an affordable fee with internship opportunities for those who find it difficult to qualify the language criteria and face age barrier while applying for higher education programs abroad

A unique platform offering end-to-end global educational consultancy under one roof

Osaka Educare: the pinnacle of overseas education
Dr. PB Boss – Founder & Director and Ms. Bissy Boss – Director – OSAKA GROUP

For the founder, PB Boss, the objective was to build a student-centric company that can enable young and ambitious students to access quality global education. He adds, “We have been in the travel and hospitality sector for the past 28 years, providing services like visa services, global air ticketing, insurance, passport services, tour packages and itinerary creation, foreign exchange, study abroad and other miscellaneous services. Having a strong foothold in the travel industry allows us to provide a repertoire of additional services for students to ease the process of migration to a foreign country for higher education. And so, we go beyond the scope of an educational consultancy to provide a hassle-free experience for the student.”

The working model

Osaka Educare assists prospective students throughout their overseas education counselling.

  • During the initial phase, the consultant analyses the students based on their educational history, expectations, visa history, budget cover, and career goals
  • After identifying the suitable country and course module, the students are offered a list of schools and cities to compare and choose the apt courses to apply
  • Once the prospective student makes the decision, the application for the enrolment to the program is done. In this step, various details like educational qualifications, TOEFL or IELTS results and passport details are gathered and submitted to the concerned universities/colleges
  • Once the university application phase is completed, we assist the students in the procedure to apply for the visa to the country of destination (CoD).
  • Along with this, our travel department assists the students with other requirements like passport renewal, MEA attestations, FOREX requirements, travel card issuals, etc. The flight tickets are also reserved as per the requirements of the student. In addition, the students are briefed about pre-departure and post-arrival details like mandated weight of the luggage, things to carry, pick-up details on arrival, etc.

The Growth

Osaka Educare has been successful in expanding its scale and scope since its foundation. To date, the company have been able to guide and assist more than a hundred prospective Indian students to follow their dreams of pursuing higher education abroad. With a growing customer base of 10,000+ and having 2,000+ clientele, the company has been sending students to all parts of the globe especially to Canada, the USA, the UK, and Dubai. Headquartered in Angamaly, Kochi, Kerala the company is eying on expanding its educational consultant services and expertise to other megacities including Bengaluru, Mumbai Delhi, etc., where it already has its branches.


“As a consultant, we are highly elated to receive good reviews and feedback from our student diaspora about our services and their career developments.”

Osaka Educare has the ICEF Agent Training certification (IATC) which is designated to support excellent and improved professional standards in international education. It is the certification for the professional training course for agency-based student counsellors.

The company is a British Council Certified agent and a QEAC (Qualified Education Agent Counsellor)
certified by the Education Agent Training Course (EATC).

Defeating all odds

Just like any other service industry, the pandemic brought a major halt to the movement and mobility of students. Despite the unfavorable times, Osaka Educare stayed resilient and utilized the buffer period to analyze the growing trends in the student mobility market and other new developments and opportunities in the field. The company today sands firmed and have adopted much-needed advanced technologies and pace to reach out to its clientele. This has further helped Osaka Educare to create a more accountable and transparent client-expert relationship and enhanced customer base.

Osaka Educare: the pinnacle of overseas education
The Office

Road Ahead

Being part of relevant student platforms and consultant forums have helped Osaka Educare to be aware of the changing trends and demands of the overseas study market. It has also helped us to learn more about our strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in our business model. Hence, we are utilizing the opportunity of extending our reach to other major cities of the country. By specifically analyzing the market requirements, we are planning to launch our consultant services in our offices in Bangalore, Bombay and New Delhi. We are also exploring and creating innovative opportunities to study abroad for students who can’t afford expensive universities.

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