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Now adopt a monument from over 90 monuments through ‘adopt a heritage’ initiative

Now adopt a monument from over 90 monuments through ‘adopt a heritage’ initiative

Launched as a joint initiative by the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Cultural and Archaeological Survey of India, anyone can now adopt a monument in India- from both public and private sector companies to individuals as well!

The project plans to entrust heritage sites/monuments and other tourist sites to private sector companies, public sector companies and individuals for the development of tourist amenities.

They would become ‘Monument Mitras’ and adopt the sites.

They would provide the basic and advanced amenities of the tourist destinations.

Furthermore, they would also look after the operations and the maintenance of the amenities.

The project would begin with 93 ASI ticketed monuments and would be expanded to other natural and cultural sites across India.

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The heritage sites are classified into various categories.

The ‘Monument Mitras’ would take up the sites of varied visibility and footfall as a package.

The ‘Monument Mitras’ would associate pride with their CSR activities.

They would also get visibility in the monument premises and in the Incredible India website.

The project aims to develop synergy among all partners.

Some of the monuments that are up for adoption include the Raja Rani temple in Odisha, the Akhnoor fort in Jammu and Kashmir, the Aurangabad Caves in Maharashtra, the Chapora fort in Goa and Megalithic Bridge in Meghalaya among others.

To have a full enclosure of the monuments, click here.

You can register on the ‘Adopt a Heritage’ website.

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