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How to train yourself to crave fitness?

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How to train yourself to crave fitness

You do not need motivation to eat savouries, donuts and pizzas, why? Because they are tasty and it’s so natural to incline to them, right!

But you struggle to get yourself out of bed in the morning, to go for a plain walk in the nature, to have a glance at the gym, to spread your yoga mat and so forth.

These seem Herculean tasks to you, and drive to do them is a far thing to even mention.

These lazy fellas just gape and amaze at the muscles and fitness of gym-rats crossing their paths.  And they wonder, “how do they do it, man? How great it would be if I had the same drive to work-out? Why is exercising so boring?”

And I know you are one of those couch potatoes, scrounging for ways to make it easy for you. But remember, nothing is easy until you have got an interest for any damn thing in the universe.

Why should you be concerned for fitness?

You must be already aware of that guilt when a flat belly of your friend and frisky football like tummy of yours are hanging around. And chap it is a high time that you make some show of your chivalry, and manage to do some jumping, hopping and running.

Exercising and physical activity is not only crucial for your body’s wellness, rather, it also improves and upgrades your mental health as well. The stress and headache bouts you experience after getting back from office or classes, can be eliminated with regular activity.

Further, a morning exercise can refill you with energy and creativity to face a busy day ahead. This shall consequently impact your productivity at home and workplace.

You can tone your body, and control that bulging belly. Being overweight poses various risks such as that of chronic ailments like diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, heart diseases, etc.

So, for your sake do consider fitness and inculcate healthy eating and exercising in your daily routine.

Tips that can help your body to crave fitness

Fitness regime can be fascinating too with the right mindset and few other techniques which can augment your craving for it, and we shall lay forth for you here.

Following them can make this heavy task a lighter one, and of course, it will help you to train your brain into craving fitness.

Set your work-out schedule and stick to it

This can be a hard thing to accomplish, but you got to make it. Set an alarm and do try to hit the gym or park, but be regular in your timings every day.

Set your work-out schedule and stick to it

It should not be like one day you show up at 5:00 AM while the next day it is 11:00 AM. You need to get into a routine, which is not possible with such random hours. Sticking to a schedule will make your body to crave the workout at the same timings.

Make it a priority as other things in your life.

Begin with interesting exercises

The first impression is the lasting one, you perhaps have heard, and it’s quite true as well. And it’s not only about people but experiences too. So, ensure that you have your initial encounter with some fun exercises.  

Begin with interesting exercises

This will be a decent step to inspire you to leave your blanket and do some enjoyment cum workout.

Further, as the time passes, introduce yourself to newer manoeuvres and stump some challenges for yourself. Being regular in your physical activity for long will develop as a habit in you, and that too a healthy one.

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Exercise even if you do not have mood to do it

There would be days when you would feel like, “Ah! Not today, let’s do it tomorrow”. And if you succumb to these whispers, which do nothing but sap your confidence, you are bound to lose the fitness game.

You need to get up, slap your lazy mood, and let the exercise streak be continued fervidly.

Exercise even if you do not have mood to do it craving fitness

A day’s skip can take you back and lower your progress. It takes about 20-66 days for an average person to form a new habit. But once you have developed anything as your habit, then the brain gets automated to do it.

And so, you will find workout easy with full motivation. Your body will feel something missing, if you miss a day’s activity, as it craves for fitness now.

Set a pre-workout ritual

Involve yourself in some interesting things before exercise, like you can eat some healthy and tasty snack, such as nuts, salad with delicious dressings, or fruit custard, etc.

pre-workout ritual

You can clad yourself in some good, exercise relevant outfit, with nice shoes. This is a kind of preparation which can make you interested to go to the treadmill.

This is so different from just getting up and convincing your mind with thoughts.

Set a post-workout ritual

This is a way to reward yourself for your accomplishment. For a post-workout ritual, you can treat yourself with some delicious but healthy breakfast such as sweet, oatmeal savoury, a hot shower, relaxing massage, or watch some good show, meet a friend, or do your hobby.

There is a science behind this post-workout ritual. It is that we tend to repeat behaviours which are rewarded or followed by something satisfying and pleasurable.

Set a post-workout ritual

On the other hand, actions with bad consequences/ punishments are avoided.

Doing this daily will bolster the workout practice and urge in you. And you will eventually start to crave fitness, which is what you desire.

Do not set hefty goals just at the start

If you set goals like which seem virtually impossible for you to achieve in a limited period, it is highly likely that you will soon lose the drive to feel it.

Do not set hefty goals just at the start craving fitness

So, prefer, short-term and realistic goals instead of big ones. As you will see these short-term goals getting realized with time, your confidence will go up.

And hence, you will feel more motivated towards fitness, as your craving increases.

Bottom line

So far, we discussed the ways to make exercise and workout a thing that is not so boring. And these measures also help the person to gain motivation, so that their body too craves fitness manoeuvres as the gym junkies.

Remember, everything demands some effort from your side. You can do physical activities and maintain your health by working smart. Follow these tips to reap the most benefits.

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