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Gitika Bhatia: the chief storyteller leading change efforts and shaping the public figure of Beatest

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How Gitika Bhatia, the chief storyteller leading change efforts and shaping the public figure of Beatest?

Today’s competitive market ask companies to put customers at the centre of not just branding, but also in the product line.

On these grounds, the customer-centric mindset of the CMOS nestles a very different agenda than who had a few years ago.

The lady in our story hails from the pack of the leaders that hold dexterity in helping the companies to map the entire company to customer’s end-to-end journey and shaping it into a seamless, frictionless, customer experience.

She is a blend of a business person and a marketing artisan.

She has successfully shouldered the roles of marketing for the companies and has led company-wide change in response to evolving buying patterns, stepping up efforts to shape a company’s public profile, managing complexity, and building new marketing capabilities throughout the company as a whole.

She is none other than the CMO of India’s first AI-enabled HR Tech Product, Beatest’s, Gitika Bhatia.

Championing the importance of end-to-end customer experience for Beatest, Gitika has been contributing to the start-up growth trajectory. Hailing from a business family, she got ‘leadership’ in her DNA.

“Since the trait was ‘not to follow’, I was quite fixated on the idea of opting for Science followed by Engineering. It was only during my engineering that I discovered my calling for Marketing/ Branding.

Rather than attending the lectures, I was out doing internships, forming clubs and participating in every exciting opportunity which came my way.

Engineering followed an MBA degree and then a corporate stint to test and hone what I believed was my passion. Having networked my way here, I built myself a strong community which continues to allow me to work with the best minds, shape my profile and challenge some status quo.

This very passion for disrupting the status quo led me to Beatest. With experiences in multiple start-ups and companies like P&G, Trident Group and Mentor Graphics, I now bring a 360-degree approach to Marketing, allowing me to propagate the value in Beatest.”, Gitika Bhatia asserts.

At glance: Beatest

Beatest is an AI-Enabled HR Tech Product which is built to reshape the recruitment industry. Beatest found its sweet spot in its Product as well as GTM strategy.

The product acts as a screening platform for the companies, the one where Data Intelligence not only frees time off of the HR professional but can be used as evidence to support the ‘gut feel’ and reinforce the importance of human interaction.

As far as the story part is concerned, rather than announcing that Beatest comes bearing a solution, we prefer calling it an enabler for the companies to reach their milestones faster.

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Gitika Bhatia: Being a woman in business

“It is different but it depends on the woman how she wants to play her cards.

It is a proven study that women are well versed in most of the leadership skills than men hence, that is an advantage but leveraging it to uplift oneself and then the overall community becomes the tricky part some- times.

For generations and generations, men and women have been brought up in a certain way, which has ultimately led to the ecosystem wherein women find themselves suffocating and exhausted from all the stereotypes, prejudices, societal/family expectations and never-ending clichés.

For a wider circle, this will take a long haul to attain balance, however, if women currently in business are empowered to power through, the wait won’t derail.”


  • WHO WERE MENTORS THAT ENCOURAGED YOU? Nobody likes my family. They have always been my cheerleaders!
  • WHAT IMPACT DO YOU WANT TO HAVE IN THE WORLD OR CHANGE THEY WANT TO SEE OR MAKE HAPPEN? I envision a bias-free community where companies have a talent pipeline full of diversity and quality while the candidates resonate more with the entire talent acquisition process.
  • WHEN I FACE A BIG CHALLENGE, I hate to procrastinate so I get right on it.
  • THE MOST COURAGEOUS THING I’VE EVER DONE AS AN ENTREPRENEUR IS… Jumping off a cliff and building the parachute on the way down. Sometimes I end up making an aeroplane.
  • MY FAVOURITE QUOTE IS…CHALLENGES MAKES LIFE INTERESTING…Steve Pavlina’s, “Passion and purpose go hand in hand. When you discover your purpose, you will normally find it’s something you’re tremendously passionate about.”

Why do we need code like #METOO, #EQUALPAY for raising our voice as a woman?

Women empowerment and women entrepreneurship are the buzzwords hogging over our social media walls. But if this doesn’t slam our face multiple times a day, it isn’t going to make an impact.

Powerful thrusts with a gradual crescendo are a must to shatter the barriers of stereotypes, prejudices and age-old practices.

No matter to what degree things start changing, these voices will never be enough.

While the hurdles will continue to exist for, she who raises her voice will rise above.

The ‘leaning in’ of women circle is what will eventually make us all an unstoppable force, built to conquer, achieve and sustain.

Road Ahead

Without a proper democratized avenue to search for candidates across all domains, Beatest aims to develop in a networking platform for candidates and recruiters alike for them to identify their perfect hire.

We will be working on providing an interesting fit between a candidate and an industry, not only through the means of engagement on our platform but based on their public engagement on the web.

This will be aimed at solving the massive attrition rate across industries and the mismatch between an employer and an employee’s mindset.

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