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Brodeway: A young game-changer transforming digital advertising landscape with a fresh avatar

Brodeway: A young game-changer transforming digital advertising landscape with a fresh avatar

When Kushal Banarsi Dass approached one of the leading youtube channels to collaborate for his newly launched clothing collection, he wasn’t exactly met with enthusiasm.

In fact, the brutal rejection trembled his plans.

Refused to throw the towel, Kushal remained persistent and didn’t let the incident deter him.

Kushal was about to make the most of this setback and put in a ton of time trying to understand the marketing and branding industry.

In 2017, he turned his outright back-set into success by laying the foundation of a multi-channel network and digital marketing company, Brodeway.

Successfully telling the tale, Brodeway provides marketing services for people and organizations across the country.

Their customer base grows larger and larger all the time, with a valuable client base of leading brands such as Vigo Video, Dailyhunt, Chingari, Godrej, Roposo, Soul Flower, Likee, Bytedance, Kwai India and many more.

This is an inspiring story of Brodeway and its founder, Kushal who powered through the rejections and shaped out his entrepreneurial journey with his dedication, determination and passion.

Kushal shares Brodeway’s journey and the plans ahead. Edited Excerpts…

How would you describe Brodeway?

We are a customer-oriented marketing firm and our quality-driven services and strategies incorporate all the requisites for advertising an individual’s talent, services and products across digital space without constraining their pockets.

Our expert team counsels you in starting up your business, making sure that you achieve the right kind of branding and promotion through digital marketing, influencer marketing, online advertisements and appropriate public and media relations.

What are the services offered under Brodeway’s umbrella?

Our core expertise includes:

Online Advertising

Our advertising and content experts make sure that you gain a wider reach through captivating and impressive advertising strategies.

Our team holds competence in outlining and design unique Google ads, Facebook ads and Instagram ads for our clientele.

Digital Marketing and Promotion

Our talented team of content creators and digital marketers spare no effort to assist clients in their journey of achieving their digital marketing goals.

Furthermore, our association with some of the well-known online publications gives us a cutting edge to help our clients establish and amplify a strong brand value.

Influencer Marketing

We collaborate with several popular models, bloggers, vloggers and YouTubers – who have a following of 1K+.

These social media influencers regularly promote products and services on their blogs and Instagram handles.

So far, we’ve worked with 400+ influencers to promote VigoVideo, 300+ for Kwai and 250+ for Likee.

PR (Public Relations) Solutions

Our PR experts develop media relation strategies, handle marketing communications and curate impactful content for press releases to help a brand build its rapport.

Besides, we regularly analyze market trends to strengthen brands’ presence in the market.

Counselling and Advising

We offer our expertise in counselling to provide a customized bouquet of our services and solutions to help brands continue their sailing during hardships.

And this is one of the primary reasons why we enjoy credibility and a high retention rate among new as well as well-established businesses and freelancers.

Digital Signature Certification (DSC)

We also provide all kinds of DSCs through chartered accountants registered under the Indian IT Act, 2000.

With this service, one can cut down the hassle of dealing with the official paperwork in securing a digital signature certificate.

How do you decide on highlighting the aspects of the clients in the media/for branding?

Before committing to any deal, we do thorough research of the clients and brands we approach or those who want to avail of our services.

Financial status and moral ethics are our topmost concerns whenever we do our background checks.

What is your secret behind making Brodeway unique?

What makes us unique is our working environment. We are all just young energies hustling in life, trying to make the most out of it. We travel, we work; we work late at night or sometimes we just skip a day to relax. The thing that makes our agency unique is the way we amaze our clients through our work. People are astonished about how these young kids are competing with old big sharks and are winning and proving their mettle in such a dynamic market. I would say that passion and urge is our secret sauce that makes our agency special. Everyone in my team is driven by passion and an urge to prove themselves, prove to the world that we can achieve our goals no matter what.

As a branding professional could you share professional insights on how to successfully market a business during a crisis market such as COVID-19?

See, I will not say it’s simple; rather it’s tricky. There is money in the market but in a different place as compared to pre-Covid-19 time.

For example, Elon Musk, Adani Group, and Mukesh Ambani, all got extremely wealthier in this lockdown.

The reason being, they found opportunities in these rough times, and I also try to do the same.

I just look for companies that have benefited from the pandemic and new start-ups that were made to ease people’s lives in lockdown.

These are the types of brands that get your business running even if there’s a market crisis.

What are your favorite marketing techniques?

Our favorite marketing technique is influencer marketing.

We have a lot of lot, I mean a volume of creators and we love utilizing it.

You get to know new talents, across various languages, you are bringing fresh talent to the limelight and learn new things with new people.

Simultaneously, it helps to brand ourselves in the long run via word of mouth and generate goodwill for our work.

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The marketing industry brings its stress and challenge(s). How do you manage them?

I travel a lot. Whenever I feel that stress is piling up, I just pack my bag, take my car and go anywhere I like.

We frequently go on corporate trips; to take an escape, detox ourselves from the stress and then get back to work- with full zeal.

What are your plans for the future?

We intend to expand our team of marketers, writers and advertising experts and plan to collaborate with more than 100K+ social media influencers.

Also, we strive to extend our services to Apparel Industry and Real Estate. Entering the list of Forbes’ 30 under 30 is also in my planning journal.

Finally, can you please share some advice or your favorite quote?

My advice is – never settle for good, always go for the better. This age, this youth is a very productive time of our life where we can experience and try many things. Instead of only partying and spending money, one should earn his/her own money and success and then celebrate it.

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