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B. Braun Medical (India) Pvt. Ltd.: the nexus of India’s medical device(s) endeavors

B. Braun Medical (India) Pvt. Ltd.: the nexus of India’s medical device(s) endeavors

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has laid bare many of the unseen challenges of the medical device(s) industry. There is an unparalleled demand for critical medical supplies, thus leading to a requirement of rapidly ramping up manufacturing processes and capabilities. As living with the pandemic continues, there is an urgent need for more strong and more structural strategies to restore and strengthen global healthcare’s long-term path to recovery.

Anticipating the market demand and shifting quickly to adopt changes during the pandemic, B. Braun Medical (India) Pvt. Ltd. is successfully addressing and serving Indian healthcare’s critical needs. Living its value as a forward-thinking medtech organization, B. Braun made its landing in India in the year 1984 and since then, has been working relentlessly towards the betterment of the country’s healthcare spectrum and its people. Accelerating the medical advancements of India, B. Braun launched numerous industry’s first reforms & offerings and established the benchmark of quality-driven and innovative solutions nurtured by the company’s two century-old rich expertise and values.

Tracing B. Braun’s History

The Braun family in Melsungen, Germany opened a pharmacy where they would prepare and send medical herbs via mail to customers spread across the country. What followed next could be understood from the inspiring journey of the 182-year-old pharmaceutical giant and its vast portfolio. B. Braun has 5000 products under its belt (95 per cent manufactured in-house) and engages 64,585 employees across 64 countries. Through constructive dialogue, B. Braun develops high-quality product systems and services that are both evolving and progressive. B. Braun provides doctors, healthcare workers, pharmacists and hospital managers with the given solutions. Customers benefit from the organization’s consulting activities in one or connected therapy fields.

Strengthening the healthcare sector amid the pandemic

“Agility is part of our DNA. We are looking at opportunities of how we can leverage technology to protect and improve the lives of people around the world, with customers as our focus, and use digitalization to improve effectiveness.”

Ensuring uninterrupted supplies and last-mile delivery, B.Braun kept its factories operational during the crises. Alongside, the organization has been taking proper care of its human asset. “As a family-owned business, our people stand as our greatest assets and employees’ safety and welfare has always been our preference. B. Braun India is undertaking all precautionary actions to ensure a safe working environment for the employees. To help employees and manage the additional financial impact of this current health, we also took some immediate steps to provide an additional Special Covid-19 Insurance Cover for our employees and a safety kit for each employee.” Asserts Indranil Mukherjee, Managing Director at B. Braun Medical (India) Pvt. Ltd. during our recent conversation with him.

Taking a step ahead, B. Braun launched several programs to upgrade the skills of its employees on competencies and also at the forefront to explore new ways of customer engagement. 

“We used the approach of PHYGITAL which means we engaged with our customers using the physical mediums of knowledge management wherever possible and otherwise adapted to the digital methods; knowledge sharing vide webinars, round table discussions with ‘cross-country’ and ‘cross-continental experts and peers in understanding best practices across therapeutic areas in the management of Covid and safety for the patient and all HCP’s involved in the patient pathway.”


The company’s operations have been categorized into three selling divisions – Hospital Care, Aesculap, and Avitum. B.Braun offers an extensive bouquet of Medical Care Solutions, which covers

Therapies & Indications

  • Abdominal Surgery
  • Cardio-Thoracic Surgery
  • Degenerative Spinal Disorders
  • Diabetes Care
  • Extracorporeal Blood Treatment
  • Infection Prevention
  • Infusion Therapy
  • Interventional Vascular Diagnostics and Therapy
  • Neurosurgery
  • Nutrition Therapy
  • Orthopaedic Joint Replacement
  • Pain Therapy
  • Sterile Goods Management
  • Wound Management

380 Renal Care Centres worldwide with highly qualified and committed teams

Mobile Applications for Medical Professionals, Physicians and Medical Students

Aesculap Academy 

One of the leading medical education forums for those who are professionally, passionately and ambitiously committed to people’s health, B. Braun has been conducting knowledge transfer for the past 25 years. In 2020, the organization adapted to the new normal and conducted digital dialogues under the categories of scientific dialogue, health and economics, patient information, application/therapy/ process safety and product competency training. To date, B. Braun has trained more than 8700 participants.

Seminars and workshops of the Aesculap Academy keep medical practitioners, hospital personnel and hospital management fit for the future.

Leading towards newer heights

Indranil Mukherjee


“I have had the good fortune of being in the healthcare industry for close to three decades and it’s fulfilling to be able to not only enjoy my work and being passionate to the cause but also contributing to its development from an industry role.” 

Indranil has been a prominent part of B. Braun’s journey in India since 1997 which was followed by a stretch of working in the company’s Global & Regional HQ’s. Indranil tributes this stint as an experience that has enriched his understanding of diverse and varied health systems across the globe, and the ability to absorb and reflect on the changes happening and how to lead the organization.  

Indranil has been leading all the B. Braun group entities in India, chairing as Managing Director since 2017 and has contributed to different industry forums and associations, which are: 

● Chairman – European Business Group (EBG) Healthcare Sector Committee  

● Board Member – Medical Technology Association of India (MTaI) 

● Executive Committee member – Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC) 

Strategizing the future

In the past two centuries, B. Braun has developed products and services and has maintained a position as one of the top 20 Medtech companies in the world.  

B.Braun maintained its sale in the FY 2020-21 reporting year, amid the disruption caused by the pandemic. Looking ahead, the organization will be eyeing to leverage new-age progressive technologies and digital transformation to shape the world of medical technology and the health care industry of tomorrow. This step will further provide an edge to B. Braun for continuing its journey as a frontrunner protecting and improving people’s health around the world.

Piece of Advice

I have always been an optimist and I believe that in this coming decade, I see technology ushering in a positive disruption to healthcare delivery in India and solving the key inequities of the 3 A’s of Access, Availability and Affordability

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