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ASAP: the world’s first no-nonsense secured chat platform

ASAP: the world's first no-nonsense secured chat platform

With Data being the new oil & work from home the new normal, there is an additional need to bring structure, security and sense to workplace conversations.

Most companies still bank on WhatsApp to communicate and collaborate with their co-workers.

This to me is concerning, very concerning…A recent conversation with a gentleman from the leadership team of a manufacturing giant told me about an incident where they experienced a leakage of information to their competitor.

On investigating, they found that an ex-employee who has joined this competitor had access to all the vital company-related information as he was still a part of the previous organization’s chat group even after leaving 6 months back.

Do we all not have those few colleagues who would spam your inbox with forwards, jokes, overload of unnecessary information?

With these challenges in mind – we set out on a journey to create ASAP- an AI-based smart collaboration platform with a virtual assistant that makes for your virtual office.

ASAP is possibly the world’s first no-nonsense chat platform for companies/enterprises.

Understanding that most companies have WhatsApp groups for inter-company chat, sometimes the members suffer from time wasting ‘forwards’ and ‘good morning messages’ that miserably follows, as being a part of the group.

We devised an alternative platform that discourages unproductive conversations and encourages the good ones.

It has got 2 very unique first-of-its kind concepts of Talk Wallet and Aura (HR chat bot) that are very relevant in today’s WFH / Virtual Office environment.

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The focused approach

All team communication tools including WhatsApp, Slack and Microsoft do absolutely zero to control the noise around the chat. Employees find it difficult to filter useful work related conversations from a heap of inessential forwards, good morning messages, jokes and other irrelevant messages that get circulated in any group chat.

There is absolutely no way to discourage people from exploiting the platform.

As a result, such chat platforms act as a distraction for employees and lowers work productivity drastically.

To solve this we built ASAP, a group chat platform for companies that encourages good conversations and crack downs the bad ones.

Talk Wallet

Daily, at the beginning of the day, every employee is credited with 100 Chat Points in the Talk Wallet.

Every time a user sends any message in a group, a few Chat Points gets debited.

Once the user has emptied his Wallet and used all the Chat Points, he cannot send any further messages.

This ensures employees use the chat wisely and for relevant discussions. Every message sent has a ‘clap’ button next to it.

Whenever someone sends a message that others in the group find relevant, informative or useful they can ‘clap’ to encourage the sender of the message.

If more people ‘clap’ on a particular message the sender gets credited with Chat points.

The process further motivates people to indulge in meaningful conversations.


Aura: In addition, ASAP also has a smart bot called Aura who is every employee’s productivity booster on steroids.

She acts as a virtual personal assistant who can help each employee with an array of tasks ranging from marking attendance to pulling out complex sales reports.

With her by their side, employees can leverage her to do all the HR related activities like marking attendance, checking leave balance, filling reimbursements, applying for leaves, finding information, creating a to-do list, raising grievances, running polls, training and more.

Attendance Management via ChatBot


Magic Menu – The Magic Menu has shortcuts to the most important functionalities of the bot.

The placement of the menu options are dynamic and can be personalized depending on the day, time and frequency of use.

Voice Enabled – Imagine marking your attendance by just saying the magic words ‘In’ to Siri.

To ensure convenience for the user, all the options you see on the Magic Menu are also voice enabled.

Leave Management via ChatBot


We understand that all intercompany conversations are confidential and need the right treatment.

Chats on ASAP have an end-end encryption and the media files are secured so that they can only be accessed within the app.

To ensure no information can be shared with the outside world, we have disabled the ability to take a screenshot of the conversations across the app.

ASAP is the first no-nonsense chat platform across the globe.

As a company we already have close to 10,00,000 users across some of the largest enterprises using our offerings in employee learning & engagement space. Our aim with ASAP is to transform work & better collaboration & productivity for over 5 million users over the next 12 months.

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