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12 Hygiene Tips Every Man Should know

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12 hygiene tips every man should know

There has been a stereotype of girls taking extra care of their looks and ways, while men are shown to be reckless at their personal hygiene and cleanliness.

To some extent, this is true. Guys are lazy and whiny enough to even get that stinky sock into the washing machine and clean it. They can be a sloth enough to just make-do with the perfume, on the body that hasn’t touched water for bath for 3 days.

And here, I am not rolling every one of you into this pin-pointing storm, but there are still many.

In this article, we shall give 12 amazing and effective Hygiene Tips Every man should know  and how to maintain their cleanliness and look and feel civilized, a bit more.

Believe me, these are not an overwhelming set of things, just simple approaches. These are easily doable. They can even help you change your outlook on things as well.

Let’s dive in, pronto!

Oral care includes both tongue and teeth

You meet someone with a wide but pale grin. This is the first impression, and you are unlikely to make an impactful move further. You might have heard that first impression is the last impression.

Oral care includes both tongue and teeth Men's Hygiene tips

Nonetheless, you can save face by preventing any possibility. Brush your teeth properly, without ignoring a spot. Floss them carefully, as food can often get stuck in those crevices.

Tongue, usually ignored part in oral hygiene, determines how your words smell to someone. And definitely, you wouldn’t want it to smell of onion from the pizza you had last night. So, afford a tongue-cleaner and 2 minutes to get that white layer off the tongue.

Your hair is not to be ignored

Of course, they might not be long, and little mess or frizz won’t be noticeable but, it can seriously impair your hair growth as well as scalp.

Your hair is not to be ignored/ Mens Hygiene tips

Improper cleaning of head can give you hair loss problems, dandruff, lice and so forth. Further, if you have got Rapunzel hair, then it is a no-brainer to wash them clean.

Irrespective of the length of your scalp hair, pick a good shampoo and conditioner, and use them. You will feel handsome from inside.

Deodorant is not enough, go shower!

Getting late for class, last minute to reach the office, and you just are out of the bed like an ape, with a hurry brush, hurry dressing, hurry combing, and other hurries.

And of course, there was not a minute to take a shower. Why do deodorants exist? – “To hush up the smell from body”!

Deodorant is not enough/mens Hygeine tips, go shower!/ mens gygeine tips

No, be 30 minutes earlier, and chivalric enough to bear the cold shower. You will feel fresh and productive throughout the day.

You don’t need to bathe every day, alternate days can do the job!

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Moisturize your skin

Skin is an armour to protect us, and is also a detoxifying agent. This dermis really bears a lot, and because of your ignorance might suffer too much as well.

Moisturize your skin /Mens hygeine tips

It is important to keep it clean and moisturized. There is no dearth of moisturizers on the earth. Get one from the store and heal your skin.

That bushy beard needs to be looked after too!

Going with the trend of beard look, but hardly got any idea to keep it happy. Your beard if kept unkempt may cause issues on the face, but a clean one can protect it too.

That bushy beard needs to be looked after too!/ mens hygeine tips

You have fewer chances of getting acne, oiliness of skin, rashes, etc. because Mr. Beard is there as a guard.

Trim it regularly. There are many beard oils and products available to keep it soft, fragrant and shiny.

Hand hygiene is crucial

I hope the pandemic has taught you the importance of washing hands. But, please do not avoid soap, it is definitely not your enemy.

Use medicated or good handwash to clean your hands, to be on the safer side, rather than using plain water.

Hand hygiene is crucial/ mens Hygeine tips

Furthermore, hand hygiene also involves your nails. In case they match the size of chimp from the zoo, better you get a nail cutter and clip them to human size.

It is recommended not only for looks but for health as well.  Muddy nails can be a great turn-off for people you meet. So, avoid it and make sure you remember toenails too.

Also consider intimate cleanliness

It is really important to keep your intimate areas clean for the sake of your hygiene and health. If you experience any rashes or queer signs or distress, do visit a specialist and get the things resolved before it’s too late.

Also consider intimate cleanliness men's hygiene test

Wear clean undergarments after every regular shower.

Scoop out the earwax

Not to mention, ears are also quite neglected spot. But earbuds exist because earwax does, which ought to be pulled off.

Scoop out the earwax/Mens Hygeine

Furthermore, clean the area around and outside your ears too, especially behind it. You may use a wet cloth to clean it pink.

Avoid that smelly, damp towel

Keep more than one towel, else you will end up exploiting the one that needs a bit of sunshine to dry itself before it dries you clean.

Avoid that smelly, damp towel mens hygiene tips

Moreover, damp towel stinks and if you are using it then your body will not likely miss wearing that odour.

Plucking off nose and ear hair

They are uncomfortable, and obviously a strand poking from the nose looks ghoulish. Trim them as soon as you can.

Plucking off nose and ear hair men's hygiene tips

Pamper your face

Wash your face with mild cleanser that suits your skin-type. If you don’t have, you may easily find one from the market.

Pamper your face men's hygiene tips

But do get your face clean in the morning as well as whenever you come from outside, taking that invisible dirt and pollution on your face.

Regularly remove pubic hair

Pubic hair should be kept short, else you may host bacterial families in the intimate area. But avoid harsh chemicals and creams to do so.

Bottom line

So far, we discussed the tips guys can embrace to keep a check on their hygiene as well as health. These pointers were definitely not gigantic to haunt you into an attic, rather basic measures, which need not be reminded to you repeatedly.

Try to take care of your body and shower some love upon yourself, you shall certainly notice the difference.

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