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The Truth About 5G: All You Need to Know About It! 


Thinking that the future is still far away is forgetting the fact that tomorrow is the future and as soon as we open our eyes at dawn, we will be living it!

With these technological advances, we went from using 1G in pocket devices that are only used for receiving and making calls from anywhere; to 2G enabling to make up for the need by allowing us to send or receive text messages apart from calling on the same device.

Then 3G came into existence that enabled users to use the internet with their cell phones from anywhere, and it continued until now, i.e., 4G, where our unending needs are reflected with the daily surfing net through smartphones.

And these advancements does not end here, this need is continuously growing that gives the next high-level development in the information consumption.

Our way of being interconnected with each other and with the surrounding things, i.e., the 5G, fifth generation technology.

Uses of 5G

5G is used across three types of connected services that includes mission-critical communications, enhanced mobile broadband and the massive IoT.

Uses of 5G

The 5G mobile network designed that has the capability for forward compatibility, i.e., the ability for flexibly supporting the future services that are currently unknown.

  • Mission-Critical Communications

This 5G mobile technology enables the modern services that can transform the available industries, ultra-reliable, low latency links such as critical infrastructure remote control, medical procedures, and vehicles.

Mission-Critical Communications

  • Enhanced Mobile Broadband

To improve smartphones, 5G can escort new experiences with AR and VR faster, more uniform data rates, lower cost-per-bit, and lower latency.

Enhanced Mobile Broadband

  • Massive IoT

5G mobile technology connects a massive number of virtual embedded sensors through the ability for scaling down in power, data rates, and mobility that provides the extremely low-cost connectivity and lean solutions.

Massive IoT

Use of 5G by Businesses

Superior network reliability and high data speeds of 5G had a tremendous impact on businesses. The benefits that 5G will provide, will enhance the business efficiency while giving users the faster access for more information.

Use of 5G by Businesses

Depending on the business industry, some businesses useful 5Gcapabilities, specifically those that need low latency, high-speed and high network capacity.

5G Launch in India

Funded by the telecom department, the native 5G test bed project has reached its last stage on December 31st, 2021. Considering this, 5G services will start rolling out in India too.

5G Launch in India

The 5G launch in India is all set to launch after the DoT’s press statement that states that these 5Gservices will be available in 13 cities by 2022. These cities include:

Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Gandhi Nagar, Gurugram, Jamnagar, Kolkata, Lucknow, and Pune.

But, will 5G be cheaper?

Its answer could be yes or no.

Yes, only when energy consumption will be reduced, as the operational code will be minimized or free channel slots such as the TVWS will be used.

But, will 5G be cheaper

No, when 5G will targeted at the millimetre wave region. This will not be cheap. The radio system will utilize and probe such frequency band that will be complex, intelligent in design and will required for more power for dissipating the ionizing region of the EMW.

All the telecom operators, i.e., Jio, Airtel, and VI have set their 5G mobile network trial site in these cities. This network will powered by the primitively developed technology and hardware components.

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Benefits and Risks of 5G Technology

For some time, they approximated that the 5G mobile network will change our lives. Meanwhile, it has also lightened the events that led to development of discussions of whole series discussions about its benefits and risks.

Benefits of 5G Technology

Higher Download Speed:

This 5G mobile network technology will have the capacity for increasing the download speeds by 20 times (from 4G to 5G,i.e., 200 Mbps to 10 Gbps) and decreases the response time between devices.

Higher Download Speed

These speeds high up the browsing experience by facilitating processes that are likely to still present difficulties.


The 5G mobile network promises the possibility of having hyper-connected environment for reaching the point of having the much desired “smart cities”.


The exact performance for reaching these new dynamics will rely on the Internet of Things (IoT) and  5G’s bandwidth.

Process Optimization:

It is also estimated to revolutionize areas like medicine, traffic management, autonomous vehicles, and the implementation in the construction sector for optimizing the resources and limiting the risks.

Process Optimization

Risks of 5G Technology

Technology Exclusion:

The 5G network implementation implies the immediate accessibility for the average pockets that are combined with the implementation due to its lack of use.

Technology Exclusion

Immediate Obsolescence:

The 5G network transition will need devices for supporting it. Current 4G devices don’t have this capability and these will become obsolete.

Immediate Obsolescence

Insufficient Infrastructure:

This network for functioning properly will need a whole infrastructure investment to increase the 5G coverage and bandwidth, and it’s not cheap.

Insufficient Infrastructure

This situation will lead to delaying the implementation because of high cost that will cover the 5G functions properly.

Security and Proper Data Handling:

This technology requires the optimal data management, and that’s where the most benefits and risks count.

Security and Proper Data Handling

The management of this information either from companies or individuals or even governments, not only issues as Big Data Techniques included in this study.

As studies by Experts:

Even though 5G may improve day to day lives, some consumers have raised the concerns about health hazard potentials.

Most of the concerns are because of the 5G use of  higher energy milometer wave radiation that experts say is no point to worry about.

There’s a great confusion between the ionizing and non-ionizing 5G’s radiation.

All light is 5G radiation, as it’s a simple energy moving through space. Its ionization radiations are dangerous as these break the chemical bonds.

As studies by Experts

Experts who have studied the health effects of radius waves for around 50 years have established the hazard of non-ionizing 5G’s radiation will cause too much heat.

At higher levels, radio frequency energy will be hazardous that produces or burns other thermal damage.

But these disclosers are generally sustaining in the occupational settings, near the frequency of high-powered radio transmitters, and sometimes in medical procedures now gone away.

Many people shouted over the 5G adoption echo concerns over the cellular technology of previous generations.

Sceptics trust that exposure to non-ionizing 5G radiations will still responsible for illness range from brain tumours to chronic headaches.

After the long decade study conducted in 2019 by the National Toxicology Program- stated some evidence of increment in the tumours in brain and adrenal gland in male rats because of the radiation from 2G and 3G cellphones, but not in the mice.

In other words, it can be said that animals were exposed to radiation levels four times higher than the maximum level permitted for the human exposure.

Effect of 5G on the Global Economy

Effect of 5G on the Global Economy

5G mobile technology is currently driving growth globally. When we look upon its stats worldwide, then it includes:

  • Global economic input of around $13.1 dollars by 2035.
  • Around $22.8 million new jobs opportunities will open or more than one job for every person in Beijing and China.
  • Over the next 15 years, global 5G CAPEX and R&D will reach $265 Billion annually.

These impacts are much greater than the network of previous generations. The development requirements of the new 5Gmobile technology are also increasing above the traditional mobile networking players for industries like the automotive industry.

With job opportunities created, it can easily considered that there are many new emerging applications that will still defined in the upcoming years.

These years will tell what the “5G  effect” on the global economy will be!

Final Words

5G mobile technology is a reality that will soon touch our lives like technologies we had in the past, so it’s essential to know all of its truth either benefits or risks.

Every country is discussing the ethical and legal standards to handle and use this data so that by this interconnectivity, privacy will not affected.

With increments in use of this network, people wonder if this technology is worth it? Or will 5G cheaper in the upcoming time? Then it can be said, it’s desperate for lightning quick speeds, as most of this is not supposed to be worth it’s additional cost.

For most of the people 4G networks are still fast for our daily use while choice of 5G phones and network is still restricting.

The exponents of this technology believes in the advantages of 5G that people will receive so far.

It has transformed impact on our lives and enables the new things fundamentally.

What its applications are and what will its impacts can said now but not with surety.

This is something that surprises and changes the something for people. If history has taught us something, then 5G will be the next example what wireless 5G’s technology can do for us!

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