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The change-maker who gave India its first medical co-working space, House of Cure

The change-maker who gave India its first medical co-working space, House of Cure

We heard about a medical co-working space. And then and there, we made up our mind to communicate with the brain behind this startup venture – Dr. Jhanvi Ganatra, the orthodontist and a Dentofacial Orthopedic Surgeon (Gold Medalist) and the leading lady of India’s first medical co-working space, House of Cure.

The young entrepreneur set her focus straight and blended it with her philanthropic vision. Today, she’s not only continuing her profession as a Consultant Orthodontist but also focuses on protecting and supporting her fellow doctors, practitioners, community and society as a whole.

Incorporating House of Cure (HOC) is my way of contributing to the health sector and to change the way medical professionals practice. The absence of an integrated way of private practice in the medical field compelled me to start HOC. Being a medical practitioner myself, I saw and experienced an obvious “class” divide between established practitioners and the new practitioners trying to crack the market. One major reason that I believed was responsible for this divide was the lack of prime real estate options along with lack of administrative and financial experience making them fearful of taking the first step. House of Cure was made to try and fill these gaps. House of Cure is aimed at not only providing space and services to the members but also serving a wide array of medical options for patients/ service receivers to choose from. This co-working space gives liberty to healthcare professionals to start their private practice. With zero financial commitments and zero contracts required, HOC helps all the practitioners experience a never seen before, hassle-free, form of practice.” asserts Dr Jhanvi, the Founder & CEO – House of Cure. With no Managerial/ Financial educational background and experience, Dr Jhanvi learns and improvises her entrepreneurial learnings, each coming day to serve the community.

Describe your brand and the products or services you are offering. 

House of Cure is India’s First dedicated Medical Co-working Space for every kind of healthcare professional. By Medical Co-Working Space, we mean a space that can accommodate practitioners of any medical sector to see their patients within the same physical address. Not only is it a One-Stop-Shop for patients to get treated for anything and everything but it’s also a place where all medical professionals can engage in positive work discussions and collaborations while forming referral networks with each other to benefit their patients.


With a vision to reduce the financial, administrative and operational burden, we have introduced hourly slots with minimum rentals. After investing time, money and efforts in their education, a platform like House of Cure will provide an immediate Go-To place for all Health Care professionals where they can focus exclusively on Practice while House of Cure takes care of Everything Else.

Flexibility being the main goal, there are various fixed booking monthly membership options as well, with a wide range of complimentary benefits and various amenities like Trained Staff, Storage Facility Options, Billing and Accounting Support, Stocked Pantry, Complimentary WiFi, State of the Art Infrastructure for the waiting area with ambient music, Fully-equipped Sterilization Chambers, Refrigeration Provision and Patient Management Software.

The space also includes: Consultation Cabins, Examination Cabins, Dental Cabins and Conference/Training Room

Who can rent out these cabins?

  • Doctors (General Medicine Practitioners/ specialists)
  • General Dentists and Specialists
  • Therapists
  • Nutritionists, Physical health professionals, Health specialists like Lifestyle coaches, integrated diet coaches
  • Allied medical fields (like naturopathic/ ayurvedic/homoeopathic practitioners etc.)
  • Consultants (like Lactation Consultants, Health Consultants, Diet Consultants etc.) and so on

How much has women entrepreneurship evolved in the last decade in India? 

As a member of a progressive Indian family, I, fortunately, have not witnessed a divide in genders within the family. However, the only difference I see is that women in this generation are not afraid to be assertive with a “go get” attitude and determination to dream, plan and materialize the same. A decade ago, women still dreamt, but might not have had the help, support or courage to make their dream come true. Without generalizing the same, I want to appreciate the efforts of the current government in making a few efforts in trying to empower women.  

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In India, the proportion of women in paid work is among the lowest in the world. How can women entrepreneurship help in changing it for the better in the coming times? 

This can only happen if major corporations consciously try to solve the “pay-grade” divide. Gender equality in CTC’s is extremely important to spread awareness and confidence amongst more women to take up paid jobs while managing the household chores. The other option is women taking it on themselves to start something of their own and decide their works are worth themselves. That’s where encouraging women entrepreneurship through awareness posts and magazines such as yours would play a major role.

How important it is to promote the term Women Entrepreneurship specifically? 

In today’s fast-growing economy, it’s extremely crucial. To empower and educate women in all sectors of the country, they need to know that someone just like them is doing something they have been dreaming of doing. It might help build that little push that they need to start something they always wanted to start, not worrying about failure or social pressures. Promoting women entrepreneurship is important to spread the word, plant a desire within the women population and enlighten the peers.

What are your plans for development?

House of Cure has currently employed only women as our back-bone working unit – Our efforts towards integrating medical facilities along with empowering women and doing our bit for society. As a working woman, I am completely aware of the working potential that women can offer, if in the right working environment. House of Cure aims at integrating every aspect of the healthcare sector and presenting it to the general public in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-navigate way, only with the help of our amazing team.

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What has been your biggest challenge and subsequent learning from growing the company?

My biggest challenge was to change the mindset of medical practitioners to try a new way of practice; as a shared way of practice. House of Cure is a service provider company, where our clients/ customers are still not aware of the benefits or shortcomings of this service. Spreading awareness about this kind of service was and still is the biggest challenge we are facing. Because House of Cure is the first organization of its kind, hence every day is a new learning curve in itself.

Words of Wisdom

Don’t be scared, you have it in you. Just DREAM, DESIRE to fulfil the dream, DETERMINE to materialize it and DECIDE to go for it.

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