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Signs of mental exhaustion – Everything you need to know

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Signs of mental exhaustion - Everything you need to know

When you sweat hard for great deal of hours, there comes a point where you ultimately succumb to fatigue and stiffness in your body.

And then you prefer rest, a good bath and sleep, to let your body recuperate from the tiredness, before you resume it again.

Although we cannot see our mind toiling as our physical bodies, its rigorous working and calculations throughout the day cannot be ignored or denied.

You figure out what your professors are lecturing, research the projects, curate an economic family budget, help your child with their homework, get the documents for your insurance done and whatnot.

What makes these decisions to be thought, make sense, and reckon the best way to get it all done, of course it is our mind behind the scenes. For every physical and non-physical work to be accomplished, it is indispensable from the picture.

And so, exhaustion can hit our mind as well or say you get mental exhaustion. You may face hard time resolving the things, lose interest and feel completely detached.

If you were like an enthusiastic nerd, this burnout can drain you off all your beans, fella.

It is really significant to consider this, since mental fatigue can grow up to a colossal depression over time if not attended properly.

Akin to physical weariness, where you get indications like, pain, stiffness etc., a tired mind also gives some signs, crying for help. A person can notice different changes in emotion, behaviour, and physical system as well.

Let us discuss these signs in elaborated manner.

Behavioural signs of mental exhaustion

Drastic reduction in productivity

Your behaviour is chiefly determined and steered by your thoughts, right. So, if your mind is unable to paint new ideas and colour new possibilities, how can you get the things done.

Drastic reduction in productivity

Reduction in productivity is a straightforward indicator to mean that you are at the threshold of bearing the things.

Any job apart from hard-work demands smartness, and fosters creativity, which has to sprout from the mind. But unfortunately, it is on hang mode, hardly heeding any instructions or deadlines.

Remaining isolated or Social withdrawal

As a sensible person, you ought to meet your colleagues or friends with a happy and positive energy about you.

Remaining isolated or Social withdrawal

However, mental fatigue can at the same time exhaust your resources of happy hormone, aka serotonin. Therefore, you would rarely feel like getting happy or smiling, or meeting anyone.

As a sign of mental exhaustion, social withdrawal is another common behavioural factor.

Uncommitted at personal or work goals

Although, you might not be doing much physically or mentally, still you are not able to preserve the commitments of personal or of work.

Uncommitted at personal or work goals

You act like a cold-fish, deadlines stress you out, but you hardly bother about doing anything.

Taking frequent sick leaves from work or school

As stated before, a person may experience social withdrawal, a person may have a build-up of stressors in the body. These hormones, such as cortisol, have an impact on immunity, making the person prone to getting sick frequently.

Taking frequent sick leaves from work or school

Regular complaints of cold, fever, or other sickness, are another indication of mental exhaustion. This can be also an excuse to avoid people.

Emotional signs of mental exhaustion

Anxiety and depression

Mental exhaustion is a result of long-time stress. A person is highly likely to face anxiety and depressive symptoms. Further, there is a marked line between stress and depression, where the latter is definitely more serious.

Anxiety and depression sign of mental exhaustion

If not treated, these mental disorders can take a person towards, self-injury, suicidal thoughts or even suicide.

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Unusual anger

An inherently calm dude can transform into some bestial rage personality. It is better to not poke this dude with some lame limerick, for your sake, I warn.

Owing to this relentless fatigue of mind, a person can become hypersensitive.

Unusual anger signs of mental exhaustion

The feelings trapped inside a person can become strong, and a person may become a deadpan. The emotions can cause intense emotions of irritability and anger.

Insecurities and fears

Long-term stress cooked into a potpourri of mental exhaustion, depression, anxiety like mental disorders can make a person insecure. He can develop fears regarding his/ her relationship, job, his life, best buddy, and a whole world of matters to take.

Insecurities and fears

Anything which you may see as trivial can make a burnt-out person feel insecure.

Lack of motivation and concentration

With so many things to grapple with such as, depression, anxiety, insecurities, lack of interest in hobbies one can trace it all to lack of motivation.

Lack of motivation and concentration mental exhaustion

There is no energy or courage left in a person to even lift a peanut, getting the assignments completed is indeed a far thing.

A person cannot concentrate properly in their work due to grief and hopelessness, as a sign of mental exhaustion.

Pessimistic or cynical tendency

A person feeling mental fatigue is not able to spot any silver lining around their dark cloud, pent-up stress.

Pessimistic or cynical tendency

They hardly see any positive thing happening in their life which makes them even more, depressed, anxious and insecure.

Feeling completely detached

Mental exhaustion can render a person feeling either too much or lacking any feelings about anything happening. They seem to hate everyone for even asking, “how are you?” it irritates them.

Feeling completely detached

These dudes do not react, appear to sense any emotion, and want to remove themselves completely from the world. If you face this, do consult an expert.

Physical signs of mental exhaustion


The cortisol accumulation in your body can result in disruption of your circadian rhythm seriously. You hit the bed, but cannot fall asleep and even if you sleep for a supposition, you wake up exhausted and enervated.

Insomnia mental exhaustion

Body pain, fatigue, and appetite changes

Physical fatigue and pain can occur as a result of mental exhaustion, often, and also vice versa.

But since, these people feel more pain, they may get severe body pain, stomach problems, backache stiff muscles, or the ongoing illness may even seem more terrible. This is also accompanied by chronic fatigue, abrupt changes in appetite.

Body pain, fatigue, and appetite changes

You might descry yourself either eating excessively or just to survive.

Weight loss or weight gain

Appetite changes due to mental exhaustion can result in either a person eating like a bird or too much. This could lead to sudden weight gain or weight loss.

Weight loss or weight gain

Bottom line

This article discussed about the possible signs of mental exhaustion. This problem gives certain indications as seen in sudden behavioural, emotional or physical changes.

It is crucial to get it professionally diagnosed and treated, as it could further cause depression and other bodily or mental disorders.

Above all, if you notice these symptoms, a break from work is highly recommended. Give some time for yourself

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