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S&IB Services Pvt. Ltd.: the frontline champion of India’s housekeeping industry since 1985

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S&IB Services Pvt. Ltd.: the frontline champion of India’s housekeeping industry since 1985

Much like others, Shyamal Karmakar had no prior experience in entrepreneurship, but that didn’t stop him from cultivating a dream that would eventually turn out to be one of India’s most prolific pay-roll companies.

His entrepreneurial traverse to ward off unemployment and earn his share of living began in the year 1985 from his rented garage space.

The initial investment of INR 350 was spent to get a trade license in the name of M/s Security and Investigation Bureau (S&IB), a rubber stamp and the company’s letterhead.

The journey, to say least, was quite testing- with its hurdles and challenges.

Traversing the rocky path with grit and determination

There was a humungous responsibility of establishing the brand and generating revenues on Mr Karmakar.

The efforts and determination paid off and the company received its first business requisition on 15th August 1985, to deploy 3 security night guards at Nager Bazar, Kolkata, West Bengal.

Down the line, S&IB received the first income of INR 150 out of which INR 50 was spent for paying the instalment of an old bicycle against the first bill raised with an amount of INR 1050.

Later, as the business changed its directions-marching all-in towards growth, Mr Karmakar felt the need to diversify S&IB across different verticals of the housekeeping industry.

Things may have turned out differently if S&IB’s Managing Director Shyamal Karmakar never took that big risk.

The organization is now one of the leaders in payroll and other housekeeping verticals, and as more attention is being given to the housekeeping services by corporates in their daily operations, S&IB seems to have the best portfolio in the industry.

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Revolutionizing as a leader

With its presence across the country, S&IB caters its exemplary services to various industrial sector covering Banks and Financial Institute, IT Sector, MNC, Government Establishments, Healthcare, Hospitality, Banks, Telecom, Warehouses, Retail, Education and Research Institutes, Logistics, Media and Entertainment, Construction, Residential, Mall, Consumer Goods, Textile, Power Plant, Oil Refinery and other production units.

S&IB believes that employees make significant contributions to an organization’s growth.

Hence, the company offers a wide range of opportunities to promote regular up-gradation of skillsets and fostering innovation. S&IB Team strength includes 375 administrative staff leading over 25000 trained employees.

Mr Karmakar knew that quality would be a determining factor for S&IB’s success. And that’s why its services go on the record for their quality and integrity.

As Mr Karmakar says and I quote, “Our vision is to be the most ethical and transparent, statutory compliant, CSR Compliant, eco–friendly and human service-company in India.”

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S&IB array of solutions covers Total security & Housekeeping solutions, CCTV and e-surveillance, Integrated Facility Management, Outsourced banking services, ATM cash management, cash-van services, cash sorting and cash processing, Transportation of notes and coin, Mobile tower erection and maintenance, optical fiber cable laying (Aerial), logistics, housekeeping, outsourcing and payroll
management, property maintenance, electro-mechanical repair and maintenance, pest control, fire safety and risk management

The COVID-19 Impact

“Grown from an Eastern regional company to a Pan India company, S&IB services has persistently demonstrated excellence even in the current adversity.

This is driven by our strong faith in the potential of our employees and our core values.

During the outbreak, our foremost concern was catering to the safety kit needs of our housekeeping staffs who are our frontline warriors.

We provided PPE kits and monitored basic health checkups of our staffs. Along with maintaining premise hygiene, we trained them with self-hygiene protocols.

We are committed to our esteemed customers to their entire satisfaction with our expertise, in such challenging times.” says Shreyasee Karmakar, Development Director

S&IB’s cash flow was hit by the pandemic but the company bounced back at the right time and didn’t let this affect any of its employees.

Most businesses have taken an outsourced approach as they have shifted their on-site payroll team to remote-workspace.

This is where S&IB services come in; it simply takes over the burden of maintaining the in-house payroll from these companies.

We use a robust solution for maintaining all data and have been disbursing salaries through electronic payment mode over a decade now.

In the present-day storyline, ‘clean’ has gone beyond what the eyes can see; it is heightened hygiene needed to safeguard us in the pandemic. To prevent the severe viral effect of COVID-19 a revolutionary change in Housekeeping and cleaning services module has been made to ensure everybody to “Stay Safe”. S&IB Services have always strived to innovate and adapt to the changing environment. During the pandemic, the company aggressively upgraded its daily cleaning protocol. The company has actively trained its housekeeping staff to cautiously monitor every ‘touch-points’ at in-house & client premises.

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Taking up the challenges: elevating its prowess

Despite all the hardships, S&IB staff has been continuously providing services at client premises and ensuring a safe hygienic environment for them till date.

New strategies and stringent hygiene protocols are being followed to assure a safe and healthy environment.

Keeping in view the Pandemic situation due to COVID-19 various up-gradation of cleaning processes using specialized chemicals with specific thrust on sanitization and disinfection has been introduced at S&IB.

The firm has partnered with various big brands, who have assisted to source the best hygienic housekeeping products to align with the company’s services.

In a nutshell, the firm has paid close attention to increase the frequency as far as cleaning, fumigation, maintenance of air-conditioner ducts and vents are concerned.

Road Ahead

S&IB Services has already started working on upgrading its OSHAS certification. Further, the company is planning to implement a few more certifications like LEEDS, SA-8000.

“We are actively magnifying better ways to manage solid Waste Management including Bio-Medical waste maintaining under the guidelines of NABH.

In our continuous strive to excel, we have significantly devoted time to our in-house research and development team.

Technology is playing a major role in enhancing the sense of health, safety and hygiene. We have launched a few automation solutions.

Our utmost desire is to provide the most hygienic environmentally safe and economic cleaning process to all our valued clients.” concludes Shreyasee.

Words of Wisdom
Never compromise with your business ethics. For long term survival in this cutthroat business ecosystem, always be patient, transparent and comply with all statutory compliances. Every challenge is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Shyamal Karmakar, Managing Director

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