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Joginder Sharma: India’s sports hero on the frontline of the coronavirus fight

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Joginder Sharma

Joginder Sharma is India’s sports hero on the frontline of the coronavirus fight.

24th September 2007, Imperial Wanderers Stadium, Sandton, South Africa.

The final over of the inaugural World T20 final between India & Pakistan.

Pakistan required 13 runs off the final over with one wicket in hand.

Misbah-ul-Haq had just bashed Harbhajan Singh for three sixes. The then skipper, MS Dhoni handed the ball to Joginder Sharma.

His first ball went for a wide and the net was borderline but not called by the umpire.

The third was a full toss which was pulled straight back over his head for a massive six by Misbah-ul-Haq.

Next was a beautiful outside off stump delivery which gave India the T2O World Cup 2007 win.

Misbah attempted to scoop the ball over the fine leg fielder from the fourth ball but mistimed it and was caught by Sreesanth.

And thus, Joginder Sharma became a household name among the cricket world.

To recognize his contribution, the Haryana government announced a cash reward of Rs 21 lakh and earned him a job with Haryana Police.

The 36-year-old played four ODIs and as many T20s between 2004 and 2007. He joined the police service after retirement from the game.

Cut to present, he now enjoys life as a Deputy superintendent Of Police (DSP), Haryana Police. Today, again, the sports hero is making the headlines again, for a noble cause.

“I would say handling Coronavirus is more challenging than bowling the last over of the world cup (T20 World Cup 2007).

Kyunki iss bimari se logo ki jaan jaa rahi hai, aur hume unki jaan bachani hai (Because people are losing their lives because of this and we have to protect them.

“I am trying really hard to make my area a Corona-free area and If I manage to do that till it fully diminishes, that will be a victory for me. This is a huge challenge,” Joginder told TOI.

In another interview, he said, “In life, there are some unforgettable moments, and winning the T20 World Cup was one of the best moments and I still remember it.

You all saw me as a cricketer, but now I am in a different role.

However, the common thing is I am still serving my country.

It’s a huge challenge and I have a lot of responsibility.

I go out on patrols both during day and night and our aim is to spread awareness among people and tell them not to venture out. It’s a deadly virus and we are putting all our efforts to save lives,” he added.

According to Joginder, “It’s our job to protect people, but at the same time, we need to protect ourselves.

It’s important to educate people and tell them the risks of venturing out at this moment.

I keep reminding people that this war can be won only by staying indoors.”

ICC saluted the ‘real world hero’ Joginder Sharma in a tweet

Joginder Sharma is currently posted in Hisar as the nation observes a 21-day lockdown till April 14 to combat the Coronavirus Outbreak. “I have been a DSP since 2007.

This is ‘one of a kind’ challenge for me as a police officer.

Our duty time starts around 6 am and we do patrolling, making people aware, send those who are out for fun to their homes, help those in need of essentials or medical aid and take action against those who try to defy without any good reason,” Sharma told PTI

Being on the front line in the war against Coronavirus pandemic and making people safe while risking their own life can never be easy.

Corporate Review magazine express gratitude to the emergency staff working during the lockdown imposed and salutes to Joginder Sharma and other Corona warriors, for their selfless service, grit and determination.

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