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Decoding the AI myths: How AI can generate jobs?

Decoding the AI myths: How AI can generate jobs?

The industrial revolution of the third quarter of the eighteenth century indeed led to a phase where a huge portion of the population was on the streets, battling the odds of hunger, poverty, and, most importantly, unemployment.

Most of the modern-day online thinkers have aren’t much aware of the fact that the same industrial revolution generated a lot of job opportunities for the ones who were skilled enough to operate the machinery. 

This apparently makes us looks into Darwin’s theory of ‘Survival of the fittest where only the skilled and educated will play a dominant role in the job market and the society.

Since the earth is revolving around the same sun, history will most likely repeat itself, and only the skilled and educated will flourish in the job market when AI takes over the industries.

The piece intends to discuss some of the jobs that will be in superior demand when AI leads the way for businesses.

Healthcare Industry

The Healthcare industry is indubitably one of the biggest beneficiaries of AI, and it alone is expected to generate new job opportunities which will cross 1 million with ease.

The personnel then should be skilled enough to operate and oversee the technician jobs, which will flood the healthcare domain.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing are among those fields which require the most amount of human touch in its functioning.

Therefore, these fields always require skilled and creative personnel on their part.

The major role of AI here will be to enhance the functioning of the sales and marketing executives by providing accurate insights and performing the tasks delegated by them.


Decoding the AI myths: How AI can generate jobs?

Since Robotic science is still at the testing or incubating stage generally, the field is in need of more scientists and technicians who can enhance the field with next-generation robots.

The AI lacks the touch of inventing something new without human assistance.

Therefore robotics serves as a promising field for the future, especially for enthusiasts.

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Gaming is undoubtedly a trillion-dollar industry that often goes unrecognized for several reasons.

The advent of AI may bring in the wind of prominence to the gaming industry, where the enhanced versions of AR and VR games adorn every living room.

Since AI can only develop and enhance the games, the core idea and creativity stays within the brains of actual personnel.


From the machines of the 18th century to the modern-day advanced CCTVs, the element of maintenance has remained constant.

No wonder, as it is going to have the same impact on the AI, too, as AI maintenance jobs will soon be on superior demand, and maybe every single entity might be in need of at least one.


Driverless cars are seemingly not a distant dream anymore and are about to hit the roads real soon.

AI-controlled cars will be requiring a complete transformation in the way it functions, and within no time, the competition will barge in.

Therefore, the firms will be looking out for expert engineers in large numbers, which are some solid skills to invest in.


Although the numbers are less, the education sector too will be able to generate a decent number of employment opportunities. Machine

Learning is one of the key skills which is about to pay off the job seekers with the opportunity of taking full advantage of the AI
education domain.

Moreover, there will be further stability as the sector keeps on undergoing changes with more additions and enhancements on a frequent basis.

Digital Assistants

Building and enhancing the digital assistants for the future is another multi-million dollar industry where some of your technical skills can mint millions.

Since the global corporate giants like Amazon, Google, Samsung have already stepped on, the competition will definitely get intense when other players start engaging.

The Facilitation of AI

It is an obvious fact that even the most powerful AI cannot outrun a human brain. Even when the AI is installed to a stage, the organizations, including the ones that fall in the above-mentioned industries, will still be in need of a good amount of personnel whose working experience is only going to get transformed for the better with the AI technology. The organizations at a global level will be eyeing a workplace where the technical advantages of AI are combined with human thinking and efforts to stay competitive in their respective markets.

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