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Anuradha Gupta: Founder & CEO – Amantya Technologies

Anuradha Gupta: Founder & CEO - Amantya Technologies

The epitome of Women Empowerment redefining the future of tech space with Amantya Technologies

“Some people dream of success while other people get up in the morning and make it happen”– Wayne Huizenga

Well, I couldn’t think of a better line to write about the entrepreneur who is all steeled with ambition.

Anuradha Gupta is a women entrepreneur with an inspiring story and over the years, she has created a credible brand with her sheer passion and determination.

Having spent more than two decades of her career in the field of technology, innovation and engineered solutions, Anuradha decided to give up her well-cushioned job and a growing career to travel a different path altogether- harnessing her tech-enabled expertise to pull and transform the country’s software development outline.

Inspiring the masses and unlocking their potential, Anuradha laid the foundation of her think tank focused on niche technologies and cutting-edge solution development – Amantya Technologies.

Today, Amantya Technologies proudly stands as one of the innovation catalysts in the field of Technology dexterity.

The start was not glassy; the initial steps brought their barriers.

For Anuradha, the biggest question lay ahead – how to best present her venture to the clients and create a mark? Working on her ambition to make a positive contribution to supporting the growth and development of the industry and affiliated masses, Anuradha thought big and acted big to make the desired impact.

Anuradha’s professional stint at Tier 1 Software Services companies like HCL, Aricent, and Harman, and a previous venture at NGN Technologies gave her an upper hand in establishing and nurturing Amantya Technologies to make progress in the right manner – to be a disruptor for an enhanced tomorrow.

She understood the challenges, from the scratch and then grew Amantya Technologies to reach its full potential.

About the brand

Amantya Technologies is a USA incorporated Product Engineering Services Company with its Engineering Centre stationed in India.

Wireless (4G/5G), IoT, AI/ML, Cloud, MEC, V2X and Automotive Solutions contribute to the organizations’ specialized catalogue.

Over the years, Amantya has proved its development and integration mettle across hardware, firmware, embedded applications, with the right relationships with ODM / SOC vendors to support any device manufacturing requirements.

The organization has also developed unique Accelerators (software module that can be integrated into customer solutions) specifically designed to enable 5G development/deployment for its customers and reduce time to market.

With tailor-made offering and industry-complaint solutions, Amantya addresses specific needs from its clientele efficiently, with a commitment to quality.

Currently, Amantya Technologies is focusing on refining its expertise and pioneering in the 5G
journey with competencies and rich experience ranging from 5G Core Network, RAN, PHY, Drive Test Tool, Edge Computing, Network Orchestration, CV2X, 5G Applications & Use Cases Development.


Over the years, what has contributed to Amantya Technologies’ success?

It is the dedicated and passionate team providing industry practices combined with technical expertise and vertical-specific domain knowledge and sheer hard work of a women leader who saw a dream, invested all her sleepless nights and sailed it through the hardships.

We talked to Anuradha Gupta about her story to share, inspire and connect women leaders across India.

Here’s a snapshot of how and why she embarked on the entrepreneurial journey with Amantya Technologies.

What was that intrinsic factor that made you realized that you wanted to do this (being an entrepreneur) for the rest of your life?

With over 2+ decades of corporate experience in global MNCs, I have garnered a lot of practical skills to do disparate work, learned to work with different types of teams, and managed relationships with customers across the globe.

During my corporate tenure, irrespective of who I worked for, I always felt empowered when I solved the problems and implemented new ideas – but investing all that energy to fulfil someone else’s dreams felt like pouring it into a void. So, I decided to fuel my energy for my own goals and dreams.

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The exploration of new technologies and doing work that changes the world is something that drives me daily. My husband, Amit Gupta, had fully encouraged me to take a plunge and is my pillar of strength in this journey.

How much has women entrepreneurship evolved in the last decade in India?

In India, women constitute around half of the country’s population, however, most women work as unpaid household caregiver or in other home-based positions and only a minority percentage works in paid employment.

Even being qualified, women continue to face social and economic barriers to paid employment.

Hence, women’s potential remained as an untapped resource in India.

But in the last decade, Indian women have travelled a long way & shifted from household work to a higher level of professional work.

Women entrepreneurs are now someone who is strong & skilled and cannot be ignored within the business world and they are winning against all odds to achieve their dream & goals.

Furthermore, Indian women entrepreneurs are flourishing as technologists, designers, exporters, manufacturers, publishers and still exploring new ways to participate in the economic development of India.

It is perhaps for the above reasons that the Government is investing in special entrepreneurial training programs for women to enable them to start their businesses.

Even, financial institutions started showing interest to support women entrepreneurship. It is a great time to be a women entrepreneur in India and we need to make it count!

In India, the proportion of women in paid work is among the lowest in the world, at just over 23%. How can women entrepreneurship help in changing it for the better in the coming times?

Encouraging women entrepreneurship is a complex effort that requires a coordinated effort of mentorships and capacity buildings from governments, private enterprises, banks, educational institutions, and media.

More women in the ecosystem as leaders are working tirelessly to champion women’s cause and create unprecedented opportunities to inspire other women to change the economic and social trajectory for them as well as for the next generations to come.

What has been your biggest challenge and subsequent learning from growing the company?

Irrespective of business type, there are many challenges every entrepreneur faces such as hiring the right people, building a brand, developing a customer base, and so on.

But one of the biggest challenges is being relevant & differentiated in this competitive world.

The plan that made sense to you a year ago might not suit your requirement(s) at the present, for example, pandemic changed the way business model used to work.

Similarly, market conditions continually change with various other factors as well, so following the same business model is not the only way to grow.

Hence, I ask myself regularly whether my ideas and offerings suit my company’s vision or not. For me, it’s worth regularly review the risks and build contingency plans.

How important it is to promote the term Women Entrepreneurship specifically?

Encouraging women entrepreneurship is vital for any country’s economic growth as their participation has a direct effect on improving per capita income, job creation and standard of living that bring better outcomes at the community level. Further, women leaders can help to drive gender diversity by giving equal opportunities to more women in the workforce. Specifically in India, promoting women entrepreneurship can lead to appropriate social outcomes and support to face challenges of deep-rooted patriarchy mindsets.

How is the world changing for women after this pandemic?

COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the global value chains and businesses.

The current situation requires us to ensure that the crisis does not aggravate the existing gender inequalities at workplaces that affect women’s access to equitable economic opportunities.

The policymakers, governments, and corporations must take steps to ensure a full and sustainable economic recovery.

It is important to involve women as a part of the solution for economic growth as women’s potential remained an untapped resource across the world.

Also, women can play a pivot role to drive economic growth by starting new enterprises and contributing to an increase in per capita income, improvement in the standard of living and overall community development.

What are your plans for development?

We are focusing on making Amantya Technologies a frontrunner in the 5G wireless and AL/ML ecosystem.

We are on a mission to pin the company on the canvas of the most preferred software product engineering companies worldwide soon.

The Telecom space is undergoing a disruptive change with disaggregation between hardware and software.

This encourages a software-centric approach to product building and puts open source right at the centre of our product strategy.

At Amantya, we want to focus on and add value to certain areas of our productized offering which allows us to differentiate, be more aligned to our customers and get to market faster.

We are also looking ahead to expand our workforce with professionals who can effectively stir the technical, business development, and Sales/Marketing roles who would share the same passion and commitment and a belief in the mission and vision of the company.

The company will follow the product roadmap backed by cutting-edge technologies for its upcoming intelligent solutions menu.

Under strong leadership, the company is all set to disrupt the technology landscape and make multifold progress in the upcoming years.

To every woman out there who aspires to be an entrepreneur this decade, what would be your advice to them, especially after this pandemic?

There is a lot of scopes for women entrepreneurs to make their mark in any business environment. My advice would be to never undervalue your time nor your creations. As a new business owner, every minute counts to grow your business. So, believe in yourself and feel confident in the products and brand that you are creating and sharing with the world. Also, as a true leader, you should be open to taking risks and challenges.

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