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23 Signs you might be an Entrepreneur

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23 Signs you might be an Entrepreneur

Some people look at the world with a different approach and bring changes with new ideologies. We call them entrepreneurs.

Over the years, the word entrepreneur has become ill-defined! Various dictionaries store numerous meanings.

According to the Oxford dictionary, a person who makes money by starting or running businesses, especially when this involves taking financial risks, whereas Cambridge Dictionary says that someone who starts their own business, especially when this involves seeing a new opportunity is an entrepreneur.

Is it so? Being an entrepreneur means more than the dictionary meanings; it is a never-ending process of being determined and creative and evolving your dreams to convert them into business opportunities.   

So what makes someone an entrepreneur?  

To stand out among the crowd, you should be having some unique qualities (or perspective) that make you count in the tribe of Entrepreneurs.

After interviewing countless entrepreneurs, we have noticed certain sets of unique qualities that almost every entrepreneur has utilized to build her/his dreams.  

So if your brain pops up with “Should I go for Entrepreneurship?”, make sure you notice these signals.   

Here are indications that you might be an entrepreneur, other than just feeling it in your bones!  

Your Time-Management skills are spotless  

People who can well-manage their time tend to be more efficient, productive and never miss deadlines. People who are good at time management are more focused on the important tasks, prioritizing them and cutting off the time wasted on non-essential tasks.   

You count on work ethics 

Work ethics are the core essentials to start any business. Work ethics is a wide term; it involves one’s productivity, attitude, behaviour, respect, communication, interaction, basically an attitude of determination and dedication one demonstrates towards her/his jobs.  

You are never afraid of taking risks  

Becoming an entrepreneur is a risky decision, that’s why many leave their comfort zones/professions for it. You must have a high tolerance for risk to succeed under unforeseen circumstances.   

You are great at people skills   

Trust us, when we say to be good! Harvard study has found that successful people excel at making “small talk”, which makes potential clients or customers feel respected and understood.  

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You have a vision 

 A vision is what places you in the Entrepreneurs’ tribe. You plan, act and execute your vision or else you will be restless.   

You are persistent  

Persistence is a sign of being ambitious and trying again and again until the goal is achieved. And that’s why persistence is the key to success and to be an entrepreneur, one should develop it as a vital personality trait.  

Saving has been your hobby since childhood  

Do your childhood memories include saving your allowances? Instead of buying candies and stuff, did you save the money given by your grandparents and relatives? If yes, then you might be making long-term investments as an entrepreneur.  

You are eager to learn 

You take every day as an opportunity to learn something new. Your curiosity never lets you rest and it ultimately leads you to achieve new heights.  

Your creativity is A-scored 

Your idea/concept may seem unrealistic to others, but if you are determined to make it happen, you will succeed on the day. That’s why entrepreneurs are called inventors and innovators.   

Negotiation is a piece of cake for you 

Being good at people skills, negotiating with people comes handy to you.  

You can’t agree with a 9-5 job  

It’s not your cup of tea, coffee, a glass of wine or juice! The mundane office routine just doesn’t suit you.   

You look out for opportunities everywhere  

Going an extra mile to search for an opportunity seems to be fun for you. You are born with an inquisitive mind (just like a mouse).  

Your dream sizes big  

It is your visionary instinct that makes to dream big and putting in you all to make it a reality. Your sense of purpose calls you to do something bigger in life.  

You like to do things your way  

You hate getting instructions from others if those suggestions are hefty rather than being effective. You are more convenient with the ways created by you.  

Self-growth is a must for you  

You have an obsession to learn new things, take new challenges and improving your knowledge. You read books, subscribed newsletters, researching new trends and topics to keep yourself updated with new skills and fresh knowledge.  

Existing conditions inspire you to embrace change  

You are never satisfied with things just the way they are, instead, you think differently and challenge them, with a new approach. You always want something interesting.  

You have your back  

Others’ nod is not required; you have faith in yourself and your dreams.  

You’re always competitive   

Being ahead of the pack is your favourite zone, every time.   

Comfort is not your best friend  

As an entrepreneur, you have to make tough choices and experience tough times. You cannot sail through the ups and downs of an entrepreneurial journey by being comfortable. Uncomfortable situations always come with great rewards.  

Smart work is your key to efficiency  

You are in constant search of getting work done in a smarter, effective and efficient way.  

Your office/workstation could be anywhere  

You have mastered the skill and ability to work from anywhere, anytime.  

You hang out with people smarter than you

Entrepreneurs love to surround themselves with people who help them to evolve and learn. They connect with the like-minded people. You know – Great minds think alike! 

You welcome advisors and feedback 

Welcoming a feedback is a big-league for entrepreneurs to test their efforts. Best entrepreneurs not only listen to their audience/market, but will enhance their efforts in resolving concerns, if any.  

The best entrepreneurs have a mentor or an advisor they can lean on when looking for insight. Sometimes that advisor or mentor doesn’t know they’re in this role, sometimes they do.  

How many boxes did you check? Does your character align with any of the qualities?   

If Yes, then congratulations! A world of opportunities awaits you. Maybe you have already started walking on your entrepreneurial journey.  

“Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbour, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream, Discover”  

Mark Twain 

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