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 The  latest  report  named  ‘Higher  Education  Abroad’  by  the
 consulting  firm  RedSeer  presents  the  growing  graph  of  Indian
 students  opting  for  higher  education abroad.  The  picture  speaks
 of  the  increment  going  from  440,000  in  2016  to  770,000  in  2019,
 which is  all  set to grow  further  to roughly  1.8  million by 2024.

 The concept of overseas education is not new. In the present times, it has
 been  facilitated by the globalization phenomenon, which increasingly
 erases  the  constraints of geography on economic, social  and  cultural

 The global pandemic too brought some highs and lows in the industry –
 from travel restrictions to introducing new policies. Today, the overseas
 education industry is enjoying its sunny days!!
 This issue is dedicated to overseas education consultants who are playing
 a key role in assisting students with the best study options for them.

 Overseas  education consultants  have become  an  undeniable  part in
 assisting and helping students to learn about their career path and prog-
 ress towards it. They are the answers to all your queries related to your
 abroad education journey - from the evaluation of a student’s profile to
 the  selection process,  education loan  to  documentation and  the  after
 process. Today the overseas education consulting industry accounts for
 making India a significant contributor to international  students globally
 over the past decade. According to British Council, in 2024, India will send
 209,000 postgraduate students abroad.

 Going by the trends, we could have a glimpse that India will surpass China
 to become the largest student market in the world.

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 Pooja Kundoo

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