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ezTruck Logistics Pvt. Ltd.: A trusted choice in the transportation and last-mile logistics space

ezTruck Logistics Pvt. Ltd.: A trusted choice in the transportation and last-mile logistics space

Successful businesses don’t appear magically in the logistics space. While venturing into the industry is not so difficult, staying successful and maintaining the growth pace can be truly challenging. So how can one enhance the field of logistics & provide the utmost value to customers?

Riding the success of disruptive start-ups, a new generation of passionate entrepreneurs is transforming the logistics space. These start-ups are addressing the ever-increasing demand for fast, transparent and last-mile delivery. Counted among them is EzTruck Logistics Pvt. Ltd., Odisha’s frontrunner empowering the state’s transportation businesses with its innovative logistics solutions as a first-of-its-kind intracity service provider.

Established in the year 2020, EzTruck Logistics has created a benchmark for its services and delivery dexterity in Odisha and further plans to expand ambitiously PAN India. Since its inception, the logistics startup has grown diversely, and confidently, impacting the throughput of business, and building a strong customer base which came as the fruition of dedicated and focused services imbibed with the latest logistics technologies to deliver quality-driven, convenient and cost-effective modes of logistics.

How did they do it?

Well, to know the answer, we interacted with the young leader behind the brand, Kali Prasad Rath.

Possessing a strong background in business development, Kali Rath’s professional journey has deep roots in the branding and marketing space. After completing his Engineering degree from Synergy Institute of Engineering and Technology in 2006, Kali Rath initiated his career by associating with Aviva India as an Account Services Manager. Next was followed by handling various roles across the various organization.

Later in the year 2018, Kali Rath earned his Master’s Degree from ICFAI Business School, Bengaluru. In 2020, he started his entrepreneurial journey with ezTruck Logistics. Keeping his forward-thinking approach at the core, Kali Rath swears by the thought that everything is practically possible provided you have the right tools, knowledge and attitude.

Kali Rath shares with us the journey of ezTruck Logistics and its future outlook. Here are the edited excerpts…

How did you start in the Logistics Industry?

Logistics Industry has come a long way in the past years, however, its complexities have also increased over time. At present logistics is under consistent pressure to grow well, deliver quality customer service and discover new ways to optimize its operations and overall smooth functioning. Transportation is a significant part of any logistics chain, yet it is the most overlooked segment. Hence, I found my inkling in simplifying and transforming transportation services like lorry transport, house shifting and office shifting by incorporating new-age technology-enabled logistics services. And that’s how my journey began in the Logistics and Supply Chain Industry.

At ezTruck Logistics, we address the issues related to transportation service by incorporating better strategies which further helps us to identify the bottlenecks and develop the appropriate solutions.

Brief us on the journey of ezTruck Logistics and the services it offers.

ezTruck is the first-of-its-kind intracity service provider in Odisha. ezTruck takes logistics as an opportunity to create solutions empowering transportation businesses in the state. We have created innovative services that meet the supply chain needs. Our services include Home logistics, Business Logistics, E-Commerce, Electrical Goods, Furniture, and FMCG. All our services are coated with the latest technologies with the intent to offer a convenient and cost-effective mode of logistics.

How did the Global Pandemic affect the company?

The Global pandemic has drastically changed the lives of people and organizations. Surviving in these circumstances was a tough challenge for us, but we faced it bravely and ensured our smooth operations. Our growth was somewhere affected due to the pandemic as we could only cater to a small segment of the domestic market.

Brief us over the corporate clients associated with you?

We have .110, Udaan and a few more corporate clients across various verticals.

How does ezTruck leverage the power of modern technology to help customers?

Our app has a user-friendly interface via which one can easily book vehicles. Moreover, our mobile app allows Real-Time Tracking of customers’ shipments. We also provide assured damage-free delivery which further eliminates unnecessary costs.

Are they any crucial areas you are currently looking at to further expand the company’s offerings?

In few years logistics will have a wide segment and new opportunities to cater to. Taking the example of Odisha, it has mineral production worth USD 3.64 billion and is the largest Stainless Steel producing state. It also has a 50% of Aluminum smelting capacity. We are eyeing our focus on the opportunity. For future plans, our major focus will be on delivering logistics services for the mining sector. Despite the huge market opportunity and transaction volume, there isn’t a single player that’s providing dedicated solutions to the mining industry. We want to be the flag bearer, offering dedicated places catering to the Mining Industry.

What are you proud of achieving in your career and what’s next?

I am satisfied that I dared to launch my dream project ezTruck. Next, my main motto will be to be the best in the Logistics and Supply Chain Industry by providing the best services and a great customer experience.

What piece of advice/learning do you want to share with the aspiring leaders of tomorrow?

I would only say nothing is impossible. Dare to take risks and work hard success will automatically come to you.

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